Renovating Tips for Over 50s

There are several periods in life where change is often needed or desired. A quintessential time for change is after turning 50. The children have (probably) moved out of home, work is starting to

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Taking Care of Aging Teeth

Aging takes its toll on the whole body, and your teeth and gums are no exception. In fact, some of the effects of aging on the teeth have a direct effect on the overall

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Make Extra Cash Online this Year

When I tell people I work online, they’re immediately intrigued. Working online means you can work in your pyjamas, choose your hours, and be completely location independent. But in the short term, it’s best

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Care in the Community: Transport Resources

For all mobility rehabilitation patients, adjusting to their new life takes some time and effort, that with an assistant’s help, is ultimately beneficial for them and their family. It can take a little creative

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Returning to Nursing In Later Life

Going back to nursing after having time off to raise a family can seem like a daunting idea. Things will have changed, depending on how long you have been away from the profession. However,

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Eco Tips For the Over 50s

As you get older and have grandchildren, you realise how important protecting the environment is. After all, it is their future (and their children’s future) that you’re trying to safeguard. It is no secret

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