Health Benefits of Yoga

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The 60s brought with them a huge revolution in terms of music and sexuality but what some of us don’t realize is that this decade changed us to our core. We live the way we live today precisely because of the 60s – and Yoga is part of this.

Brought to the West by Eastern philosophy-enthusiasts, Yoga can be seen as a lifestyle on its own. Aside from the strong spiritual component of this Indian practice, Yoga is a very healthy habit as well. Which are the main health benefits brought by Yoga? Read on and find out more.

yoga-241612_1280Better Posture and Flexibility

As we grow older, our joints and muscles become less and less flexible – and we become more and more “bent” by our bad “office posture” as well. Yoga can help you prevent that. With poses that emphasize not so much the movement, but the stretch and the proper breathing. Yoga is the kind of workout suitable for all ages and for all levels of fitness experience. Basically, from a 7-year old to a 99-year old, everyone can practice Yoga poses at the level of intensity they feel most comfortable with – and this workout will help them improve their posture and flexibility.

Reducing Stress

We may not like to admit it, but the truth is that most of us are stressed out to the point of exhaustion. In between jobs and families and in between friends and responsibilities, there is not much time left for “us”. Stress is more than a psychological issue though and it can affect every single area of one’s body: from the head to the toes and from the circulatory system to the digestive one. Yoga can help alleviate stress and it can help you live a much more relaxed life – and all just by simply practicing some poses.

yoga-241613_1280Chronic Condition Management

Many times, Yoga is among the top-recommended exercising routines for those who suffer from Chronic conditions (such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and so on). The main reason Yoga is so beneficial for this category of people is related precisely to what has already been mentioned in the first benefit: it is the kind of workout that can be adjusted to one’s level of fitness and to one’s experience as well. Furthermore, the stretching and the exercising themselves can help the body release anti-pain substances that behave similar to pain-killing and energizing medication.

Boost Your Immunity

While it is not completely explained how this “works”, studies have shown that Yoga can help one boost his/her own immune system. In the end, most workouts can do that for you but the main advantage to practicing Yoga rather than other workout routines is related to the fact that it is quite easy to stick to it.

Eat Better

This may sound odd, but Yoga can help you eat better. As you get the “taste” of Yoga and the lifestyle associated with this practice, it is quite likely that you will want to look forward into better dietary plans as well. And better eating means a better overall physical and psychological health!


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