Things to Consider Before Retirement

Retirement is a significant milestone in one’s life. It marks the transition from a life of work to a life of leisure and offers the opportunity to pursue personal interests, spend time with loved

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Hobbies & interests for the elderly

By undertaking hobbies and interests as you get older, you can add some more variety to your life. These pastimes can also reduce the risk of suffering from loneliness in your elderly years, not

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What To Expect As Your Parents Grow Older

Watching our parents age can be a difficult experience. As they grow older, they may become less independent, physically and mentally weaker, and more dependent on us for assistance. The process of aging can

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Advantages of Having Sex After Age 60

Sexuality in general is taboo. And even after a certain age, it remains permeated with prejudices that inhibit some people to talk about sex. Nowadays, there is an intention to explore the topic more

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How refurbish your garden in two days?

We’ve all been in that situation, the sun suddenly bursts out from behind those clouds which attracts goodwill and positive energy. From the rapidly injections of sunniness, you’ll begin to make those mental promises

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Tips & Tricks For Your Christmas Table Setting

The holiday season heralds the coming of countless get-gathers, family dinners, Christmas parties, luncheons, and backyard BBQ extravaganzas.  Everyone wants to host the best Christmas get-together that would leave a lasting impression for their

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