How refurbish your garden in two days?

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We’ve all been in that situation, the sun suddenly bursts out from behind those clouds which attracts goodwill and positive energy. From the rapidly injections of sunniness, you’ll begin to make those mental promises to yourself, such as makeovers, walks in the sunshine, healthy diet, completing household chores and errands while the sun is out, all to then reward yourself with that fresh cold beer in garden and make the most of British sunshine.

Yes, here in Britain we’re very prone to the sun, to a point where we can’t handle the wave of pure joy the comes with it. The endorphins get the better of us, and we make all the plans and promises while the world looks beautiful through sparkly-eyed lenses. And let’s face it, there’s nothing wrong with this — sunny days can be hugely productive because of this.

But, in most cases, we tend to grab that one cold beverage from the fridge, migrate to our gardens for that glorified image of a well-earned relaxation that we have in mind, only to go outside and remember we haven’t been in the garden for 12 months. And 12 months ago, said garden was a crispy, dried mess under the 2018 heatwave. So now, it’s a half-dead, tangled mess of neglected plant life and deck chairs you forgot to put away for the winter.

Don’t worry, with this following guide you’ll have plenty more sun to grab as it will highlight how we can give our garden that needed makeover in just one weekend.


Preparation comes first

Gather up your tools first to make your weekend easier in the long run. You will need:

  • To hire a budget skip for all the rubbish you’re going to clear out!
  • Some refuse sacks, preferably biodegradable
  • A trowel
  • Weed killer
  • A good pair of gloves
  • Some compost
  • Your lawnmower
  • Any new plants you want to add (optional)
  • A pair of secateurs
  • Enough paint for your shed and any fences
  • Vinegar (if you don’t have a power-washer). Alternatively, a power washer!
  • A heavy-duty broom
  • A bucket
  • A watering can

Saturday morning

There are a few reasons why we recommend hiring a skip. One, it will help alleviate the problem of overfilling your bin with garden refuse and getting stressed trying to deal with that. Two, it helps to ensure your waste is recycled correctly and responsibly. And all you have to do is fill it up! So, with your skip delivered and ready to go, it’s time to crack on.

Job number one: De-clutter

First things first we need to tidy up the area so you can see what needs a good scrubbing. So, head out to the garden and start throwing out anything you don’t want or need. Key things to look out for include:

  • Rotting, old garden furniture
  • Old children’s toys that aren’t used anymore
  • Broken décor or flowerpots
  • Things that have been sitting in the shed unused since 1997

Job number two: Weeding:

Once the garden is tidy, its time get rid of those unsightly areas of plant life that might be suffocating your valuable flowers and trees. Pop your gloves on, grab a trowel, and pull up all those pesky weeds messing up your garden. Give any hard-to-pull roots a spray of weed killer to ensure they don’t come back.

Another handy reason for a skip is that you chuck these weeds into it. Other than Japanese knotweed and other invasive weeds, this plant life can be recycled.

Saturday afternoon

Grab a bite to eat and enjoy some refreshments. If you need to stock up, you might want to head to the local garden centre too before cracking on with the next task.

Job Number 3: remove old plants

Aside from removing weeds, you’ll want to remove any dead branches, leaves, or otherwise wilting plants that you feel are not going to survive your new vision for the garden. You may also want to trim existing trees and hedges to give you more light or room. As these are not weeds you can easily toss any waste into a composting bin and use them to help the new garden thrive.

Don’t forget to clean off the roof and gutters as well, as old plant gunk easily finds its way up here. However, if you’re pressed for time it’s an element you can put aside or give to a company like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning RENO to do on a later date.

Job number four: Planting Anew

Whether you’re tending to your already surviving plants or planting new ones, you can dedicate Saturday afternoon to the beautiful blooms in your garden. Give them some TLC or get them started in a new spot in the flower bed! Finish off with a sprinkle from the watering can to get them ready to go.


Sunday Morning

Job number five: Mow the lawn

Sunday morning is a new beautiful day and what’s needed is nice stroll over your lawn… with your trusty mow at hand. You’ll get to enjoy the sun, tick off a chore, and use the time to check around your garden for any weeds that might have escape your notice the first time.

Chuck the trimmings into the skip and turn your attention to any paths or flagstones you have.

Job number six: Clean the paving stones

If you have pavement stones or patio, give them a clean that can really boost the overall appearance of your garden.

It’s a task many of us put off, but it really doesn’t need to take ages — so long as you know a few tips and tricks!

Here are two of the quickest methods:

The Vinegar Method

  • Move away any plant pots or furniture from the stones you need to clean
  • Take your heavy-duty broom and start sweeping away the dirt and debris on the paving stones
  • Pull up any weeds caught in the cracks of the stones
  • Mix equal parts water and vinegar. If your paving stones are very mucky, increase the ratio of vinegar. Pour the mixture into a watering can
  • Use the watering can to evenly distribute the vinegar-mix all over the paving stones. Ensure the whole area is soaked
  • Leave the stones to soak for 20 minutes
  • Use your heavy-duty broom to scrub the paving stones again. The vinegar will have loosened up more dirt and grime, as well as killing any weeds caught between the cracks
  • Rinse/mop the stones clean
  • Move away any plant pots or furniture from the stones you need to clean
  • Start with a low-pressure setting to avoid any damage and test a small area. Adjust the pressure as needed
  • Spray the paving stones by holding the power lance at a shallow angle, diagonally across the stones to avoid damaging the joints

The Power-Washer method

Sunday afternoon

It’s time to chill and relax with a well-earned lunchbreak before finishing your weekend project.

Job number seven: Pruning

Grab those secateurs and prune any larger plants that need it. Trim away overhanging branches and overgrown bushes and you’ll be amazed just how much space in your garden was being tied up in this tangle of tree limbs!

Job number eight: Painting

The final task would be to paint your shed if you have one and give your fence a fresh coat. Between the sun and the rain, the paint might be a little lacklustre, faded, and maybe even peeling. Prep it and paint it and see what a difference it makes to your garden!

There you have it! A perfectly polished garden in just one weekend. Enjoy the rest of the summer chilling in it.

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