Rainy Day Plans: Fun and Productive Things to Do in 2017

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When the heavens open and the rain puts a stop to your plans, it can be difficult to know how to fill your day. But just because you can’t venture outside to do that spot of gardening you’ve been meaning to do, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be productive. Below you’ll find some practical yet fun activities that will put a stop to those miserable indoor days:


Cook Up a Storm in the Kitchen

If you enjoy cooking or baking, now’s the perfect time to don your apron and cook up some culinary masterpieces in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you’ve not got plans for that night either as you can get creative with some batch cooking, freezing your delicious recipes for a later date. The perfect way to pass the time if you’re a Jamie Oliver in the making while also saving you time and money in the long run.

Try Out a New Hobby or Continue an Old One

We all have good intentions with our hobbies but these can often fall by the wayside when our busy lives take over. So why not use this valuable downtime as a way to start a hobby or get back into an old one? There are a number of hobbies that aren’t just fun but are practical too. For example, companies like Deramores provide some great knitting kits so you can get creative knitting jumpers, hats, scarves and baby suits for family and friends – the possibilities are endless!


Organise that Cupboard You’ve Been Meaning to Sort Out

OK, so this might not sound like the ideal pastime but having time on your hands is a valuable commodity so put it to good use. We’ve all got one of those cupboards where all sorts of bits and bobs get stored, so use the time to have a rummage through, tidying up the bits you want to keep and throwing away those things you never use. You never know, you might discover something you’ve been searching high and low for!

Rearrange Your Living Space

With the new year upon us, now’s a great time to have a move around in your home. Switch around your sofas, paint some walls and inject some personality with accessories. Updating your décor can really help to rejuvenate your home and you can have lots of fun doing it, discovering your inner interior designer in the process.

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