The Factors Affecting Hair Loss and Their Treatment

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Hair loss can be an alarming issue, especially if the case is severe. Some people use targeted therapy, while others undergo a hair transplantation process.

There are a lot of reasons attributing to hair loss. If you are suffering from baldness issues, finding the reasons behind can help you treat it appropriately.

Factors Contributing to Hair Loss and How to Treat Them

  •   Excessive or misuse of hair care products

Hair loss can be caused by abuse or extreme hair care. When you wash your hair frequently, these products can leach it. Furthermore, regular blow-drying under scorching temperatures can significantly damage the hair. Your hair can become less resilient and will fall prematurely. 

Fortunately, this problem can be solved if you avoid bad hair care habits. Your hair can row back naturally. It would help if you found a hair shampoo that contains natural ingredients and promotes hair growth. 


  •       Eating disorders

Eating disorders can affect people of all ages. When you lack the proper nutrients, your hair can get damaged. If the eating disorder continues, hair loss can become severe. Depending on the nutrient that is lacking, your hair roots will also die. When your hair roots die, it will leave the affected areas of your scalp permanently bald. A hair transplant can help solve this problem. 

  •       Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a significant cause of hair loss. Since this procedure is a direct result of therapy, a baldness treatment won’t help. Health professionals will usually suggest using wigs or distinctive headscarves until the hair grows again. 

Once the patient is cancer-free, the hair will generally grow back. It may lead to uneven growth because a part of the hair roots is dead.

  •       Autoimmune Disease

The type of baldness you have can also be the reason for hair loss. If your hair falls very quickly and suddenly, it can be an indication of an autoimmune disease. The immune system attacks its cells. One of the visible results is hair loss.

In this case, it is vital to seek a doctor’s advice immediately to be given the proper treatment. Sometimes, parts of the hair or hair roots are badly damaged and do not regrow. FUE hair transplant is recommended in this case to recover your hair quickly.

  •       Stress

Stress can also cause hair loss. It affects the body’s hormonal balance and can, therefore, influence hair growth. Moreover, stress can cause damage to hair and hair roots. It can lead to baldness in the long run when not appropriately addressed. The best way to effectively resolve hair loss due to severe stress is hair surgery.

Hair loss can be attributed to a lot of factors. Some hair loss problems can naturally heal and come back by itself. Others require medical help, such as hair surgery, to address the issue. If you need a hair surgery done, you can consult with the experts at NuHair Transplants Centre to give a quick and safe procedure. They have trained professionals to help you bring back the glory of your hair.

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