Why you Should Check Which Device is the Right one for you

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When it comes to technology, we currently have it better than we ever had it before. Technology has changed the way we live, relax, and perform everyday tasks.

The only problem? When it comes to tasks like deciding which phone to buy, you may find that the process becomes exhausting and takes far longer than you would think.

Studies have shown that human beings make choices best when they have less than 6 options to choose from. But with so many phone options on the market, it’s easy to see why we can feel overwhelmed and struggle to make a decision.

Because smartphones are often used as so much more than a phone and buying them can be a big chunk of our budget, we prepare to have one phone for multiple years. But what if we make the wrong choice and end up with a phone that is wrong for our needs?

For some great tips on buying technology check out How to Buy a Phone: The Complete Guide. And here are some reasons why you should check which device is the right one for you:


Your Budget

While you may be tempted to get the latest and greatest phone, it’s important to consider your budget. Sure, the latest release may have more bells and whistles, but asking yourself if it’s worth the extra expense is a good way to help you narrow your search. Before choosing a phone, decide how much you can afford to spend on it and stick to this number.


Unlocked or Locked

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time traveling, buying a locked phone will mean you’ll be stuck paying huge costs for data if you happen to use it overseas. While the initial investment of an unlocked phone can be significant, this is really the best option of you spend a good chunk of time overseas- more than just a vacation once a year. For most people buying the phone outright doesn’t make as much sense and it works out better to get a bundle which will include the price of the phone as well as some data, SMS and calls each month.

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Your Network

Different phones may be available on different networks and will have different plans. This is all about knowing how you like to use your phone. If you’re constantly checking email and scrolling through your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter apps, you may need better 4G coverage and more data. But you may be the type who finds constant phone use to be antisocial, and could prefer to only use it for things like checking the weather, taking calls and sending SMS.


Your Storage

If you love having a lot of apps, taking tons of photos and like to keep lots of music and files on your phone, you’ll probably need a large amount of storage. For people who don’t mind using services like Spotify and Dropbox, you may find you only need the bare minimum.

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