How 3D Printing Might Lower The Cost For Dental Implant Patients

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Dental care is extremely important for the health of your teeth. Unfortunately, not many people can afford it. It’s not included with already-exorbitant health insurance premiums, which makes going to the dentist, a luxury for some people. Technology is continuously not only making lives more convenient, but it is also trying to make things less expensive in the dentistry and health world. The newest innovation in 3D printing might give people the option to fix dental issues like never before. It might also come at a much lower cost.

3D printing is taking the medical and dental worlds by storm. Being able to replicate organs and teeth is not just talked about in science fiction circles. It isn’t just a theory that one day the unimaginable will be possible. 3D printing is allowing for the replication of body parts and teeth, and may soon be available for the average patient at a cost they can actually afford.

The new E-IDB dental 3D material was introduced very recently and is slated to quickly revolutionize dentistry. The material can make natural dental implants and teeth with ease. Natural Dental Implants, a start-up company, has the patent for the newest material to hit the dentistry world.


The REPLICATE Tooth system has been in existence for over a decade, but their newest venture is absolutely innovative. Making 3D replicated teeth commercially available for the first time, the dental implant is made from a 5-axis CNC milling, which is the most recent prototype version that Natural Dental Implants Winnipeg has produced.

Made from a zirconia abutment and titanium, it is formed using the latest 3D printing capacity. Designed as a custom replica of a person’s tooth, it is much less expensive than ever before. For the first time in history, a person can have a physical copy of their tooth made to fit perfectly where one has been lost.

This is a customized tooth implant for the future: all it requires is for a patient to have a 3D X-ray taken so that the printer can produce an exact replication of the missing or damaged tooth. The tooth is then reproduced and replaced with a custom fit.

Unlike the old way of having a tooth made and then waiting days — and sometimes even weeks — for the tooth to be ordered and placed, the new 3D technology allows patients to have their tooth not only made but placed on the same day. Even better, the teeth appear seamless, as if there was never any damage to begin with. With no need for any drilling, the REPLICATE Temporary Protective Crown is simply placed on top of the newer tooth and then bonded, which means that there’s no need for painful and invasive drilling and placing the tooth to secure it.

Once the tooth is placed, it embeds itself into the patient’s mouth due to a natural process called osseointegration. After just six months of healing, the tooth is permanent — and all without any pain.

This is an amazing feat; not only does the 3D printed tooth reduce the pain of a tooth replacement procedure, but it costs a fraction of the expense of the more traditional replacement. Custom-made as needed, the prototype is currently being tested this year, and there is hope that it will soon be available to the public.

Developed by a team of experts in both the dental and technology worlds, this is the best combination between both sciences. By making proper use of the body’s own ability to heal and accept a tooth that fits perfectly, the new tooth will completely change the way that dental surgery is approached.

An artificial tooth placement used to be a huge hassle and expense to the patient, both financially and physically. 3D printing is not only revolutionizing the medical industry but is completely overhauling the process of replacing teeth. The hope is that soon it will replace the old ways of trying to fit a tooth into a space that it wasn’t created for.

3D printing is quite arguably one of the most awesome things to hit the medical and dental world in the past century or more. The hope is that it can do things that were never before possible.


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