3 Ways a Mattress Topper Could Benefit You

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Mattress toppers are becoming an increasingly popular choice for consumers who want a luxurious night’s sleep. Not only can they affordably increase comfort levels, but they can offer extra support for sore muscles, reduce allergies and neutralise body temperature. If you’re waking up unrested and unhappy, it’s time you took the steps to enhance your quality of sleep.


1. Added Cushioning and Support

Slab-like mattresses and body aches are nightmare combinations. If you have a mattress that isn’t suitable for your current needs, simply add an extra layer of comfort with a mattress topper. While complementing the current support foundation of your mattress, a topper will supplement cushioning and offer pressure relief for any injuries or sore joints. Available in a range of materials including memory foam, wool, down feather or ‘eggcrate’ foam, mattress toppers can also reduce partner movement disturbance and increase chances of a restful night’s sleep. Try visiting specialist retailers like Sleepy’s to feel the difference a topper can make to bare mattresses.

2. Controlling and Reducing Allergies

When you lay down at night, you shouldn’t instinctually reach for an anti-histamine tablet and eye drops. Mattress toppers can act as a fantastic line of defence against any dust mites, bacteria and mould from your mattress. Many toppers are hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, which protect against any nasties causing hay fever, hives, rashes and other common ailments. Not only will you greatly reduce the risk of itching and sneezing, but you will give your body the chance to completely rest, undisturbed, throughout the night. It’s important to note that some mattress toppers are more hypoallergenic and more anti-microbial than others; it’s therefore best to check the material of the topper and the rating given by the seller. Great toppers to look out for are those that encase the entire mattress and box spring, which reduces your contact with possible contaminants.


3. Temperature Neutralising

If you feel like you’re cooking away under the covers at night, you know what it’s like to be a hot sleeper – and how uncomfortable and frustrating it can be when you’re sweating away as the clock ticks closer to daylight. Some mattresses hold body heat more efficiently than others, so it’s handy to find a mattress topper than can regulate and neutralise your body temperature every night. In particular, some toppers are made specifically to breathe and ensure body heat isn’t absorbed into the material. Try looking for a wool-based topper that will work with your body temperature to keep you cool when you need to be, and to give you that right amount of warmth when winter strikes. This is also true if you find yourself to be a cold sleeper; wool will work with your body to keep you comfortable all night long.

What do you think about mattress toppers? Are you ready to affordably increase your quality of sleep? Have you used them in the past? Share your thoughts about how a topper could benefit you and your needs in the comments below.

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