Best Relaxing Holiday Destinations

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As winter is kicking in the Northern Hemisphere (and as Summer is slowly coming to its own rights in the Southern Hemisphere), a lot of people are thinking of a holiday. Where should you go this year if you want to relax yourself? We have gathered some of the best and most relaxing holiday destinations for you – so make sure to read on and inspire yourself.

france-352539_1280Southern France

There are countries on Earth that are simply lucky to really have it all: amazing history, stunning landscapes, beautiful culture and mouth-watering foods. France is one of those countries for sure. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that France goes way beyond Paris – and that it can be a much more relaxing holiday destination than the constant buzz of the big city feels like. Southern France is an amazing place to relax yourself, to get a good taste of wine, to discover the wonderful French cuisine and to rest your eyes upon the eternally gorgeous nature surrounding you from every corner.


This may sound like one of those really far-off destinations most of us have no idea how to find on a map. In one way or another, this is not very far from the reality. Patagonia can be found in Argentina and it is one of the greenest, most breathtaking places on Earth. The luxurious nature around you, the unaltered landscapes, the pure air and the blue skies – everything about this place is magic. If you want to feel like you are the only one(s) left in the world, Patagonia is the place you have been searching for.


The Arab world has its own share of breathtaking places – and Marrakech is one of them. Imagine the dessert, the picturesque sunsets, the sound of a flute and the warm, pleasant weather and place yourself in this picture as well. Doesn’t it sound relaxing? It is! There’s nothing to compare to this amazing place – and if you are looking for a good mix of adventure, beauty and culture, this is the holiday destination you need. Discover the taste of the Arabian food, the unforgettable landscapes and the pleasing buzz of the Arabian markets and you will want to come back for sure.

The Maldives

For many years now, the Maldives have been a favorite travel destination for people from all over the world – and not without reason. This is the kind of place that will make you feel like you have reached a Treasure Island while making you feel safe and comfortable as well. This is the kind of destination that perfectly blends in pure nature with exquisite services. The sea is nowhere else bluer than it is here and cocktails will never taste as good as they do here. Relax, enjoy the sun and the water, taste wonderful and exotic foods, discover likeminded people and allow yourself to bathe into the wonderful local culture as well. You will not regret having chosen the Maldives as your next holiday destination!

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