Best Low Impact Exercises

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If you are like the vast majority of people, you have probably heard this a billion times before: working out is healthy for you. The reason you have been hearing it ever since the world started becoming health conscious is simple: this is the absolute truth.

Exercising is healthy for your body – that is obvious. At the same time though, it is very healthy for your brain and emotional state as well. Working out with regularity can change every single aspect in your life: from the way you think (and the way your brain processes new information) to the way you feel about yourself.

Which are the best low impact exercises though? Here are some of the workouts you may want to look into:

balance-405513_1280   Yoga

One of the reasons Yoga has grown to be this popular is because it really is suitable for everyone. From teens to seniors, everyone can start doing Yoga. And everyone can reap all the benefits that come with it: better articulations and flexibility, leaner muscles, more energy and a better-functioning body in general. No, Yoga doesn’t have to be about standing on your head with one of your knees bent – there are many poses, and many of them can be practiced at different levels of difficulty. Yoga will relax you and it will definitely put life in an entirely different light for you.

Tai Chi

Together with Yoga, a lot of other Eastern traditions came into the West, taking us almost by surprise. The main “responsible” for this was the hippie revolution and the sudden realization of the fact that the East offers a lot of great things for those who are open enough to look towards it. Tai Chi is one of them. When looked at from afar, this will not even seem like exercising – but it is. Even if you leave aside the philosophy of Tai Chi completely, you will still find it extremely beneficial for you. The slow and thoroughly controlled movements, the breathing and even the fact that Tai Chi is usually practiced outdoors (or at least in well-lit and well-oxygenated places) – everything about this type of exercise will bring tremendous benefits into your life.


If you are afraid that you may not understand Yoga or Tai Chi – or if you are simply not interested in them – Pilates is your next best option if you are searching for low impact exercises. Same as with Yoga and same as with Tai Chi, there are a lot of levels of intensity at which Pilates can be practiced. However, a beginner will find these exercises fairly easy to follow – and they will provide him/her with enough benefits as to make him/her stick with the workout routines. At its very core, Pilates is focused on breathing properly and on keeping your abdomen tight during the exercises. Aside from that, you will most likely be at least vaguely familiar with most of the exercises Pilates brings forward – and you will most likely find it very pleasant the way this workout helps you stretch your muscles.

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