Tips for touring Europe in the Summer

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Whether you’re embarking on an alpine adventure in breathtaking Chamonix or exploring the rustic streets of Seville, companies such as Albatross Tours know how to comfortably embrace the sights of Europe through the warmer months. There’ll be no need to shy away from Paris when it sizzles if you have climate packing in the bag. Here are a few pointers for keeping cool and at ease on Europe tours.


1. Stay in tune to and prepare for the weather

If you’re a smart phone user, there is a great offering of savvy weather apps to keep you informed on temperature and condition changes around Europe’s hot spots. While the sunshine may last through the day, evenings could be cooler depending on where you are. Downloading a quality app will provide you with updates. Alongside your summer essentials of swimsuits, light cotton shirts, hats and more, consider taking a light jacket and a few merino (a light, thermal wool) singlets.

2. Add a few refreshing products to your day bag

Staying and feeling put-together, even while travelling at a relaxed pace, can take a little preparation and preening when the temperature is climbing. Invest in a lightweight, high-factor facial sunscreen or tinted moisturiser as opposed to a heavier, multi-purpose cream for a fresher re-application. Other helpful product ‘minis’ to consider keeping on hand range from a packet of cleansing wipes to deodorant, dry shampoo, hand sanitiser or even a mineral water face spray. A compact umbrella is also useful for protection under intense sunlight.


3. Stay hydrated with ease wherever you go

Even if you’re proactive at staying on top of water drinking at home, holidaying on the move may demand more energy and a higher intake of fluids. Pack a practically sized water bottle and find a food outlet where you can stock up on a few thirst-quenching, electrolyte filled drinks. Depending on what’s on offer, healthy options may include small bottles of naturally flavoured coconut water, smoothies or fresh juices. Of course, food breaks on tour are a great time to do this or you can pick up a bottle of water as you move around the sites.

4. Avoid over-heating with apt footwear

While closed-in, walking shoes are often the most comfortable thing to wear when you’re on the go, in summer, cool feet are happy feet. Whether fashion or support is your concern, opt for an open toed style for breezier strolling and general tourist activities. On the coast or near a lush, grassy lunch spot, they will be easy to slip off and on. Packing Band-Aids and healing blister patches is useful for any foot swelling and blistering on board the plane or from walking around in the heat.

Where are you off to on your summer tour of Europe? Perhaps you’ll be picnicking in the British countryside and exploring the village streets of the idyllic Cotswolds? Share your favourite sunny season travel tips, favourite weather apps and pointers for staying cool below.

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