Tips for Saving Money on a Move

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Moving is expensive, there’s no doubt about it – from all the fees involved in either renting or buying a home, the cost of moving furniture, replacing furniture and so on, it can add up quickly. I have some tips for you to save money on a move, to hopefully make this stressful time a little less stressful, at least on your bank account. Whether you’re moving now in or a few months, it is a good idea to have a quick look through these tips to you can have some money saving ideas fresh in your mind:

1. Use a Furniture Courier
Using a furniture courier can often be a lot more economical than trying to move large items yourself. If you’re moving across a few states, then taking a few trips backward and forwards can be extremely expensive as well as extremely time consuming. When you’re packing up your life and shifting to a new place, there are simply much better ways you can spend your time and energy. Choosing to work with a professional, reliable and efficient furniture courier can be a lifesaver when you’re in the middle of a big move.

2. Try To Rent or Buy Direct

In the case of renting, if you go through an agent there’s just another person who has to make a commission on the situation. Nowadays there’s plenty of sites like Craig’s List where you can talk directly with the people renting out the home in order to cut out the middleman, which will save you money. Likewise when buying if you can work directly with the seller, you’re going to have a lot more room for negotiation as they won’t be forking out a large part of their sale to the real estate agent’s commission. If you can go direct, it can save you thousands of dollars, so it’s worth trying.  But remember to be cautious when contacting sellers online, ensuring not only is seller is legit, but whether certain information sent online could be intercepted by Wi-Fi hackers.

3. Buy Second Hand
If your new home doesn’t have all the furniture or appliances you need, consider buying quality second-hand items that have been used but are still in good condition. It can be tempting to think “new home, new things” but this is going to wreck havoc on your bank account unless you have some hefty savings built up. Buying a mix of new and gently used things is a great way to reduce the moving costs. It can also be a good idea to reach out to friends and family to see if they have anything spare laying around that they wouldn’t mind you using.

A new move should be a very exciting time of your life: it means new opportunities and experiences. Use these three tips to minimise the stress and make the move as comfortable as possible.

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