How to find a reliable Handyman

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Many of us have a bunch of jobs around the house which we never quite get to. When both income earners are working full time, weekends are usually used for errands and catching up with friends and family, and before you know it, those jobs still haven’t been completed a year later.

Handymen (and women) are the obvious answer to this problem. They provide many different services, and will ideally be a “jack of all trades”, who will usually be hired by the hour and will complete a range of repairs and small home improvements.

Most handymen and handymen companies will charge clients by the hour, plus material costs. It can be a good idea to make a list of all the jobs that need to be done before the handyman arrives, so you can ensure that nothing gets left out.

Some handymen will have qualifications in various aspects of home repair and construction, while some will be self-trained or simply, a friend of a friend who needs some work.

The trouble is, if you’re letting a stranger into your home, you’ll need to know that they are responsible, reliable, and good at what they do. Here are some tips to help you find a reliable handyman:


Search in the right places

A quick Google search will prove that there are an overwhelming amount of handymen and handymen companies available. Instead of searching fruitlessly online, try Yelp, which can be an excellent starting point for reviews of capable and popular handymen in you’re neighbourhood. There are plenty of handyman services around London and in most major cities, and these will often have reviews online.

Word of mouth is also a great way to find a handyman. Simply ask around, and see if any friends or family know someone they would recommend.

Give them an interview

Hopefully after doing some research you’ll have a list of contractors that you can speak to and see if they are available, and more importantly, if they know how to do the work you need completed. The interview doesn’t need to be formal, but it’s important to have a quick chat to get a feel for the person, especially if they’ll be working around your home.


Check references

Never be afraid to ask for references, in fact most good handymen should be prepared for this question, and will have a list of people you can contact. Beware of handymen who have no references, or who dodge the question as this should set off alarms.

Get an estimate

Most contractors will appreciate a thorough list of exactly what you need done, and there’s no way for them to give you a proper quote or estimate without this. Once they’ve given you an estimate of the materials needed, and how long they think it will take.

Make sure they give you a detailed plan so you will know exactly what they need from you, and they will also be aware of your expectations.

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