3 Things You Should Start Doing Online

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Depending on your age, there’s a pretty good chance you were born before the Internet existed. This means that you’ve probably had to learn how to keep up with the faster pace of the Internet. Things that might seem obvious or intuitive for your children or grandchildren might seem like a bit of a struggle for you. There’s no harm in asking for help to get up to speed as there are so many great things you can do online that can save you time and money. Here are 3 things you should start doing online as soon as you can!

1. Paying Bills

Have you been to the bank recently? The last time I was there I waited in line for a good 25 minutes and then the teller took a while to process my cheque. Life is busy, so I personally find it so much easier doing my banking online. Yes, it’s a bit of a hassle to set it up, but once you’ve got it set up it’s as easy as entering your pin code on your phone and you can easily make bill payments, transfer to loved ones, or even contribute to your savings account. Once you start paying bills online, you’ll never look back. Talk to your bank about what banking options are available. If you struggle a little to get started with apps, why not have a family member help you set it up and give you a little tour of how it works. Once you’ve started paying bills online, I’m sure you will never look back!

2. Shopping

There are so many different types of online shopping that you can do these days – you can buy almost everything online. This is a great option for those of us who don’t have a car or can’t get around as easily. You might be surprised to find that ordering online is often much cheaper in store, with less overheads many companies can offer better discounts if you order online. Ordering groceries online is a great way to get an easy introduction to online shopping. You can even buy extremely specialised equipment online, such as hand dynamometer or more every day products, like your favourite laundry detergent! Another thing that’s worth purchasing online is flights, hotels and even tickets to museums and galleries you want to visit. You can honestly get anything online – even wraps! Just because you’re shopping online, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a good sale. If you’re on a budget, you can sign up for a newsletter for the store you’re wanting to shop from and wait until they have their next sale before buying.

3. Keeping in Touch

Maybe you’re already into using Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch with your loved ones, but have you tried Skype? I personally think Skype is a game changer for those of us with loved ones across the country, or even overseas. As I get older and the newer generation of family members is born, Skype provides a special way to connect with my relatives when they’re small, and the telephone might be too abstract for them. My favourite thing about using Skype to keep in touch is that calling between computers or cell phones using the app is free.
The Internet has dramatically changed our lives, but using it these three other ways is sure to improve your life even more.

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