Are you 50 or Older? Here are Some Reasons why Cruising Could be Right for You

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It’s no secret that cruising is one of the best ways to travel. For those who are in the 50+ age range, you may be sick and tired of dealing with long flights, constantly changing hotel rooms, finding a new place to eat a few times a day, and public transportation.

If you haven’t been on a cruise yet, you’ve been missing out. Here are some reasons why cruising is perfect for those who are 50+:



The Perks without the Downsides

We all know the fun parts of travel- discovering new destinations, trying new food, meeting new people etc. But often taking a holiday can simply feel too hard when you think about all of the packing and unpacking, long flights, checking in and out of hotels, and all the time which is wasted doing these things. Cruising is the perfect way to relax since you get all of the benefits of traveling without any of these downsides.

The Facilities

Every time a new ship is built we’re astounded by the types of facilities on board, and they keep getting better. You’ll find everything you need on the ship, including multiple restaurants with international food, libraries, spas, bars and nightclubs, cafes, medical facilities, movie theatres, pools, and gyms.


The Entertainment

Just in case you haven’t found enough to do with all of the facilities onboard, most cruise ships have some pretty incredible entertainment. You’ll get to see comedians, singers and performers from around the world, with shows similar to what you’d see on broadway.

All Inclusive

How often have you budgeted for a trip, only to feel a certain amount of dread when you finally got back home? You take a look at your bank statement and wonder just where all your money went, especially because you were so careful. I’ll tell you where your money went. It went on the mini bar in your hotel, constantly buying snacks, meals, ice creams and even water.

When you add up what you spend on food, drinks, accommodation, tips, flights and insurance, it’s no wonder why most people take fewer holidays than they should. But cruises are all inclusive. Once you pay for your cruise you’ve paid for your accommodation, travel to each destination, food and entertainment. You can also pre-pay your gratuities or buy drinks packages and book your tours for each destination before you arrive. That means less pulling out your wallet, it’s easier to budget, and you’ll be able to truly relax on the ship.



It’s often overlooked because so many people focus on how great life is on the ship, but cruises take you to some of the best destinations in the world. If you had to fly to some of these out-of-the-way destinations the flights would be crazy expensive, but cruising allows you to see multiple places on each trip. You’ll wake up in the morning to a new, exotic destination which you can explore at your leisure. Amazing.

If you’re thinking about taking a cruise and you’d like to avoid noisy kids, you should check companies that organize cruises for people 50+, so you’ll be able to meet new people in your age group and have a relaxing holiday away from it all.

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