Cruising Tips for the Over 50s

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Cruises are one of the best ways to see the world, especially if you’re getting a bit older and you want to see lots of places but you don’t want the hassle of checking in and unpacking and then packing up again every few days. A cruise is essentially a floating hotel that takes you around the world. Whether you fancy a trip around the Med or up to see the Northern Lights, a cruise could be perfect.


Why are Cruises so Good for the Over 50s?

Itinerary choice is one of the main reasons why the older person might be attracted to a cruise. There are so many different types of cruise that go all over the world, so where ever you might want to visit, there’s sure to be a cruise there!

The on-board activities and entertainment helps too, so you don’t have to give up on your hobbies or your fitness when you go on holiday. Cruises are a great way to travel solo, or conversely, with large family groups of different generations, precisely because they have so much going on.

A Scenic Cruise

Sometimes what you want out of a cruise is to enjoy a landscape. Whether it’s getting off the ship at every opportunity to go and discover the local sights, or enjoying the scene from the deck, sometimes all you want to do is relax and enjoy a place.

Choose a cruise line that has high levels of personal service and comfort, like those offered by Planet Cruise. There are a number of different cruise itineraries that are perfect for those looking for a scenic cruise, such as a trip round the Norwegian Fjords.


An Exotic Cruise

If you’re an old timer when it comes to cruises, then you might be a bit bored when it comes to the itineraries on offer. However, keep your ear to the ground and you might find yourself with a new experience. From places like Indonesia to simply travelling with a smaller cruise company that have more compact ships that can dock at lesser known destinations.

A Solo Cruise

If you’re not the type to stop travelling because there’s no one else available to accompany you, then cruising can be a little trickier as many cruise liners charge a single supplement and lots of the activities are geared towards couples. However, there are some cruise liners that offer accommodation specifically aimed at single travellers.

Enjoy your cruise!


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