Three Top Tips for Selling Online

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For those of us heading towards retirement, the internet and its many intricacies can prove something of a mystery. Most of us can perform the basic computer functions: typing out a Word document, checking our emails, and logging into our Facebook pages. The finer aspects, however, often continue to confound.

Selling online, in particular, is something that many of us struggle with. We were born in a time when sales involved no more than handing over a set amount of money, so it can be hard to trust buying and selling when there is no tangible handover of goods.

Unfortunately, this prevents many of us from taking advantage of the opportunities that selling sites like eBay present. It’s time to change that. If you need a nudge in the right direction, here are three top tips for selling online


Tip #1: Place a Minimum Bid Threshold

One of the best ways to stay safe when you’re selling online is to place a minimum bid threshold. Auction sites like eBay can provide a wonderful opportunity to earn some extra income through selling on second-hand items or setting up a small shop, but it’s important to remember the fees that are involved. With some items selling for miniscule amounts, the best way to avoid selling your possessions for less than they’re worth, and less than you need to make a profit on them, is to set a reserve price. That way, no one will be picking up a bargain at your expense.

Tip #2: Don’t Send Your Items Until You’ve Been Paid for Them

Our second tip is this: don’t send any items until you’ve been paid for them in full. One downside of the internet is that it makes it all too easy for people to scam the naïve and the trusting, so you need to put steps in place to safeguard yourself. It’s incredibly simple for someone on the other side of a computer screen to claim that they need an item immediately, but don’t currently have the funds to pay for it. If you then send your item, there is nothing to stop them from taking it free of charge, so make sure that you always don your cynic’s glasses and wait until the money is in the bank before posting your items.


Tip #3: Choose a Reliable Courier Service

Our third and final tip is to always choose a reliable courier service. Selling online is incredibly easy and cheap when you choose the right transport business, and the lower you can keep your costs, the greater the profit you’ll make. Companies like TNT, for example, will do everything they can to make life easier for you, so be sure to choose wisely if you want to minimise your outgoings at the same time as maximising your feedback.

Follow these top tips today to make internet selling a success for you.


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