How to Make the Most Out of Travelling in your Retirement

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If you’re dreaming of your retirement years as a chance to go travelling and seeing the world, then you need to make sure that these dreams become a reality. Careful planning and saving is required in order to travel and achieve the retirement that you really want. Read on to find out how you can ensure your retirement is full of adventure.

Get a Camera

There’s no better way to record your memories, than with a camera. The truth is, our memories fade, and with the digital world it’s possible that photos never do. Whether you want to upload your photos online to share with family, to hang them around your home, or add them to the precious photo albums, trip photos are one of the best things to bring home from a holiday overseas. Unsure what camera you want? Check out to find out more

Plan Early

You should begin the planning as soon as you can. If you’re in retirement, then you should plan over the course of a few years, so in an ideal world, you should plan while you’re still employed. This will allow you to look out for deals and make sure that your money is really well spent.

When planning your retirement, consider factoring travel in as a part of your budget. This will help you see what kind of travel is practical for your circumstances.


Plan Realistically

You are likely to do most of your traveling in the early years of your retirement, and you’ll travel less as your retirement goes on. So plan your big trips for the early years, and the more sedate trips for later on. plan ahead by prioritising your budget with different principles – for example, in the early years you’ll have a bigger budget for travel, but later on you might have more for medical or care.

Stay Longer

Make your vacations more cost effective by staying in one place for longer, rather than taking lots of short trips to different places. You can rent a self-catering apartment, which will mean that laundry, food and living expenses are reduced, in comparison to staying at a hotel for an extended period of time.


Get Good Travel Insurance

The older you get, the harder and more expensive it is to get travel insurance, and it is important to get the right cover. Make sure you shop around for a really great deal by using a combination of comparison sites and going directly to insurers’ websites, such as Able 2 Travel, to compare a range of quotes to find the best cover for you. Don’t assume that all cover is the same, however, and make sure that you check the policy in detail.

Make sure you buy as soon as you’ve booked to cover cancellation or illness before you go away.

Consider Group Tours

A great way to save money is to travel with an organised tour, as opposed to independent travel, which can also be stressful. They are usually much cheaper than travelling alone, because you benefit from the group discounts.

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