5 Ways You’re Spending Money Without Realising

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We may not like to admit this, but money does make the world go round. It’s not the best “system”, but the truth is that it is the only system we have known for a long time now and that it would take far too long to change everything.

If you are like most people out there, money is not unlimited for you. In fact, given the current economy, your money is probably quite tight and you would definitely like to be able to save some of it. One of the main reasons you are not saving (or at least not enough) is related to the fact that you simply spend too much without even realising it.

Which are the top most commonly encountered ways in which we spend money without being actually conscious of it? Read on and find out more.


The Pretty Things

You know how around Christmas all stores decorate their windows, their floors  and how they smell oh-so-nice and how the music is soothing around them? All these things are not actually done for the sake of Christmas itself, but for the sake of attracting customers into a particular store. Believe it or not, our mind makes us linger in places that provide us with comfort (be it in the form of aesthetic beauty or in the form of cinnamon and orange scents). Next time you go shopping, be very conscious of these things and you will avoid spending too much.

Making Lists

Making a list before going grocery shopping is absolutely essential if you want to avoid overspending. Instead of simply wandering around the supermarket aisles, buying everything you find attractive, you will have a list to stick to – and that helps saving money.

Not Shopping Around

Again, you may not realize this, but few of us actually shop around – simply because it’s much easier to buy all things from one place only. If you have seen something that is on sale in another store, don’t be afraid to go there. It may take you a bit more time, but in the end you will end up saving a lot of money.


Leaving the Tap Open/the Lights On

Brushing your teeth and shampooing your hair don’t have to happen while the tap water is open – believe it or not, a lot of your monthly income goes into this. Even more, leaving the lights on or leaving the refrigerator door open while drinking water add up to your monthly expenses. Don’t expect to be able to buy a new car with the money saved this way, but why wasting it away when it’s so simple not to do it?

Leaving the 3G Open on Your Smartphone

Up until not very long ago, worrying about your 3G would have been useless. With modern smartphones though, it can become quite an expensive habit to leave your 3G open and to allow apps to update themselves while on it. You can save quite a lot of money by disabling automatic updates and by simply switching your 3G connection to Wi-Fi once you’re done with it.


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