Decoding common dress codes

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Whilst it can be nice to get out and about, the issue of dress codes can present something of a headache for anyone who wants to make sure that they fit in seamlessly to any evening.

Whether it’s attending a white-tie wedding, visiting a black-tie event such as a glamorous casino, or even just trying to perfect that elusive smart-casual look, here are a few tips on how to survive those infamous dress codes.


Smart casual are two words that will often strike the greatest amount of fear into anybody who’s already uncertain about their attire. Too often, ‘smart casual’ can lead us into a Jeremy Clarkson fashion nightmare of horrendous too-tight jeans matched to a particularly unappealing leather jacket reminiscent of The Fonz.

However, with a few simple tips, most of us can enjoy the low-key charms of smart-casual that can be worn in a variety of occasions ranging from visiting gaming events to even attending a parent’s evening.

Men would benefit from investing in a multi-purpose blazer, and keeping tones and colours fairly muted is always a good idea for the smart casual look.

Whereas for the ladies, such dress code dilemmas can always be solved by a trip to a chic yet affordable fashion outlet such as La Redoute that can provide a winning formula for a smart yet casual dress.


It’s a general rule that more elaborate the social affair is, the more restrictive the dress code will be. This can often be seen through the differing dress codes that can regulate attire at sporting events such as Royal Ascot.

And many other socially-prestigious events such as banquets in luxury hotels can also call for a degree of sophistication when it comes to our dress.

Whilst we are all free to wear whatever we like when playing the range of popular table games that can be found at online casinos such as Betway, for more elaborate gaming destinations, it’s frequently the case that anyone wearing jeans and trainers will be turned away.

And it’s particularly important to distinguish between a white-tie formal dress code, the semi-formal black tie dress code that most of us are more likely to encounter, and then the common business dress code that for men most commonly means a matched suit.

Similarly, women can face an array of subtle differences in formal occasions with a white-tie events meaning that hair should be worn up and be accompanied by elegant gowns, whilst black-tie events allow for a little more variation and as such it can be a good idea to check out some of the current style blogs just to make sure you keep an eye on the rapidly-changing world of contemporary formal fashion.

So whether you’re planning to make a big impression at the gaming tables of Monte Carlo Casino, or just heading out for a smart and casual evening at the pub, a little bit of attention to your outfit can go a long way in making you feel at ease.


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