Tips for Looking After Fresh Flowers

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There aren’t many people who would tell you that they don’t feel happier and more cheerful when looking at a bunch of fresh flowers. While flowers are great for any special occasion or for spoiling the person you love, they’re also an excellent way to improve your mood and spoil yourself, while making your home smell lovely.

If you look after them the right way, you can get days of beauty out of a bunch of flowers, while ignoring them can mean that they quickly wilt.

Here are some tips for looking after fresh flowers:


Watch where they live

Flowers are fragile, so you can’t just plunk them down anywhere. Keep them away from fruit, since ethylene gas encourages them to die far quicker than they usually would (even if they’re near a bowl of fruit this can happen), and avoid direct sunlight as this can basically “cook” the flowers and cause them to die as well. Keep them somewhere shady, away from fruit and they’ll last far longer.

Feed them

Many people believe the myth that a few pennies in the water is better than flower food, however this is wrong. Your florist will give you flower food which you should use since they’ll have the best nutrients to give your flowers a long life.

Cut them correctly

Don’t cut your flowers with scissors, as it can damage fragile stems. Instead, take a non-serrated, sharp knife and take the first quarter to half inch off of the bottom of each flower, cutting at an angle. Trim off any leaves that would float in the water as this will make the water gross and bacteria love to thrive in water.


Choose the Best Florist

Just like any service industry, there are good and bad florists. If you’re ever in Perth, Australia you can check out flowers delivery Perth has to offer online and you’ll be able to enjoy fast, professional service and flowers delivered straight to you or your friend or family member.

Get Some Advice

A good florist will be ready and willing to give you advice with a smile. Many people aren’t sure exactly what they want, or what will look good with their decorations, decor or suit their personality (or what type of flower is appropriate for a friend or family member). Florists are experts at making the best arrangement for any situation and you can use their wealth of experience to ensure that you’re getting the best flowers for your wedding, dinner party, delivery, or business event.

Give them Love

Just like us, flowers need care, and that means regularly checking in to see how they’re doing. Cut off any dead petals or leaves, and change the water daily (ensuring that you give the vase a good clean to get rid of any germs or bacteria). Feed them with the little pouch of food that the florist will give you, keep them in a good spot, and they’ll give you days of beauty.

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