Achieving Sustained Sexual Performance Naturally

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Usually, sexual performance can act as a signpost regarding a man’s health. Nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress management are the choices that determine wellness or illness for the majority of men.

It was usually the case that sexual performance was a worry for older men, but now younger men are beginning to worry about the condition as well.

In Britain, it is usually the case that sexual performance problems aren’t discussed. However, the reality is that many Brits are dealing with problems under the covers. Erectile dysfunction is one such condition that’s impacting the sex lives of more men than you may think.

One in 10 men suffer from erectile dysfunction across the world, so the problem is more common that it first seems; with the disorder most prominent in the over 75s. However, men of all ages can experience the disorder. In fact, it’s the frequency of the issue that determines whether you have the disorder — in general, if you are affected more than 50% of the time, you’re generally considered to suffer from the dysfunction.

Although the problem is global, it is estimated that just 33% of sufferers will seek medical advice. However, there are effective remedies out there that can help men counteract the issue and have enjoyable sex lives.

Although men would like a magic pill that turns everything around and helps to boost their sexual performance, we may be witnessing the end of Viagra on the market. Natural products are growing in popularity.

Although natural products are full of promise, it is difficult to find a product that has been scientifically proven to work – apart from Prelox, a revolutionary, patented formulation supported by clinical trials. Dr Lamm appears to believe that this is the cure these men have been waiting for.

The Hardness Factor, a book by Dr Lamm, recommends Prelox and its ability to improve men’s sexual performance by increasing blood flow to the penis. Enriched with pycnogenol, Prelox stimulates blood flow to the genital area resulting in stronger erections. The powerful effects of pycnogenol are strengthened through the addition of L-arginine, an amino acid which can improve the quality and duration of an erection “making a man feel like a younger version of himself”.

Prelox helps improve sexual responsiveness and drive, as well as the quality and strength of the erection, and it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream; it supports circulation and cardiovascular health which is a great bonus – and it can be taken daily with food which makes love making much more spontaneous.

In four to six weeks, most men start to experience the benefits of Prelox, noticing a distinct difference in their sexual performance. Clinical studies have shown that men taking Prelox experienced increased stamina and sexual pleasure.


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