3 Car Safety Checks You Have to Remember

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Going on a road trip is one of life’s greatest joys, after all you’re the captain of your adventure and can choose every aspect of the trip: how long you’re away for, where you go and how many stops you take along the way. This means that it’s an extremely personal way to travel, it also has some benefits especially if you’re planning to travel with children or pets. However traveling long distances does come with some risks and it’s very important that you do a good check over your car to ensure that everything is running smoothly. There’s nothing worse than experiencing a break down in an isolated place and needing coverage. Traveling at great speeds and long distances with a car that is not properly maintained is a recipe for disaster. So be sure to implement these 3 car safety checks you have to remember every time before leaving on a road trip.

1. Check the Tread
Tyres deal with a lot; the changing seasons, rain, snow, heat and any obstacles that they must pass over. As such, tyres wear down faster than almost any other part of the car. Checking the tread of your tyres is extremely important to ensure that they are thick enough to provide adequate contact with the car and to make sure that you will have proper control of the car, especially in less than optimum conditions. If you’re not sure how to check your treads, or in need of a new set of tyres consider checking out kwik-fit.com for all your tyre and servicing needs.

2. Don’t Forget the Oil
If your car runs out of oil, it can be a disaster and it may be extremely expensive to repair. As such, we suggest that you stick to your regular oil maintenance servicing schedule. However, if you’re headed for a trip away and can see you are due for an oil change relatively close to your trip, consider getting the oil change done sooner to ensure you don’t have problems on your road trip and nothing gets in the way of creating special memories.

3. Connect Your Phone to Bluetooth
People looking at their phones is one of the biggest driving habits. It’s quite simply almost impossible to concentrate properly on driving when you’re busy checking facebook or replying to a message. Nothing is more important than your life or the lives of your loved ones, so I suggest setting up your phone to connect with your car’s Bluetooth system (or buying one if you deem it necessary) to reduce the distractions you’ll have while driving. If that’s not of interest to you, please consider having your passenger check your phone and reply to messages or pull over.

Road trips are super fun and with these 3 simple tips you’ll be able to help yourself have a safer, more enjoyable road trip!

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