5 Tips for Staying Safe While Driving

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Driving is a wonderful thing – after all it allows us the freedom to go where we want, when we want and from the privacy of our own cars. The truth is though, there’s always a little risk when we get inside our vehicles. Many of us are concerned about road safety but there are a few things you can to do keep yourself safe while driving, from ensuring that your car is properly service and road ready, to changing the way you drive. Here are my top 5 tips for staying safe while driving.

1. Don’t Drive Tired
When you’re extremely tired, you’re almost as dangerous on the roads as someone who is drunk. If you’re tired it is better to pull over and take a nap or ask a friend to drive for you. Avoid driving when you’re exhausted as you’re simply not in the right mind frame to operate a vehicle. If you find yourself becoming injured because of someone’s negligent driving, you may be eligible for compensation. Check out someone like Slater and Gordon to help you see whether this is something you can pursue more.

2. Ensure Your Car is Well Maintained
There are a few basic things you should check regularly on your car, such as tyre pressure and thread. Without good threat, your car can become uncontrollable when driving challenging conditions such as old roads, on ice, or even when there’s a lot of rain. It’s easy to check your tyre pressure and tread and if you’re not sure, ask a friend or family member to help you. Likewise your car should be up to date for all its services, ensuring that the machinery behind the scenes is well cared for.

3. Put Your Phone on Silent
Phones are extremely distracting and I know it can be tempting to quickly peep at your phone while you’re driving, but the simple truth is you cannot concentrate on hazards as well if you’re distracted by messaging on your phone. If you’re expecting a phone call or know you’ll need to call someone, set your phone up a Bluetooth connection so that you can talk while driving and keep both hands on the wheel.

4. Drive to the Conditions
You’ll need to change your driving speed and style to reflect the weather conditions. You can obviously drive much faster when the weather is clear and the roads are dry when compared to in the middle of a thunder storm. Likewise it’s smart to reduce your driving speed considerably when you’re passing by schools as children are often unpredictable. Adjusting your driving to the conditions will ensure you’re always driving in a way that best ensures you’ll arrive at your destination without any issues.

Cars are fun and driving is a wonderful way of getting around so long as you’re realistic about how fast you can drive and how to properly care for your car. Use these 4 tips to ensure you stay safe while driving.

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