How apps seek to cater to older audiences

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Although many younger generations seem to be showing an ever-willing ability to spend nearly all of their time gazing into their smartphones, for older mobile audiences there has been a concern that the majority of apps are developed towards somewhat youth-centric users.

So if you’re of a certain age and prefer online games that are a little more advanced than FarmVille, then here are some of the ways that app developers have endeavoured to cater to the older generation of mobile users.


Entertainment apps

Rather than spending hours sifting through the generic comic-book sequels at movie streaming sites such as Netflix, you can probably find something to satisfy even the most hard-to-please tastes at MUBI. This site features an app that allows you to stream the specially-curated selection of films that range from forgotten classics of yesteryear, to some innovative arthouse movies of the moment.

And despite the endless popularity of puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga, a more traditional source of gaming entertainment can be found at the Coral gaming site. This even has something for fans of Coronation Street thanks to their Coronation Street-themed bingo game that features prize winnings that would be welcome at any age!


Health apps

One of the more unfortunate things about the advancing years is the regular health check-ups. But you can now effectively monitor your overall fitness with apps like Blood Pressure Tracker. This provides the user with a massive amount of data regarding blood pressure, heart rate and weight – probably not a good idea for hypochondriacs however!

And for those of us with failing eyesight, then the EyeReader app can provide added light in the dark. This uses the LED light of an iPhone to provide extra light for the app’s magnifying abilities to make it much easier to read small text on menus, prescription bottles and even bingo scorecards!


Apps for communication

However, there’s one kind of app that’s suitable for any age and that’s the great range of video chat apps that can help you communicate face-to-face with your friends and relatives all across the world in real-time. The great thing about video-chat apps like Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangouts is the way that they use an internet connection rather than a phone-line and can therefore save you some serious pennies.

And whilst many of us will feel a little daft using acronyms like LOL and OMG on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, visual-based apps like Instagram can act like a photo diary, so that you can look back over recent holidays and family reunions without having to deal with a bulky photo album!


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