The Best Food in Beijing

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Beijing has a huge variety of food options, including everything from five-star international restaurants, to cheap, delicious local food.

If you’re thinking about visiting Beijing, here are some of the best places to eat:

You can’t visit Beijing without trying the Peking Duck, which is one of the most famous foods in China. Expect to see your duck served with just a small amount of meat, and a large amount of crispy skin, which is usually dipped in sugar before being eaten.

Some of the best restaurants for duck include Siji Minfu, which is located in Dengshikou, and Hua’s Restaurant, a chain restaurant that is very popular with the locals.


If you’re lucky enough to make some friends in Beijing, they’ll usually take you out for hotpot. This is a communal way of eating, and you should definitely bring a large appetite. You’ll be given a large pot full of boiling soup, where you’ll cook your meat and vegetables, giving them a delicious flavour.

Manfulou has some of the best lamb from Inner Mongolia, and Little Sheep is located in Dongzhimen, and was voted “Outstanding Hot Pot”, by both locals and expats in 2011.

Be sure to try Jiaozi, which are pork dumplings, and are a staple for anyone living in the city. You’ll often also find vegetarian versions, and you’ll see stalls selling them near malls and subway stations, so locals can grab a breakfast on the go for just a few cents.

If you’ve got a craving for international food, you’ll have plenty of options in Beijing. Sanlitun is where most of the expats live, although Wudaokou is also a popular place for international students. For those who don’t feel like leaving the hotel or guesthouse, there is also a delivery service called Sherpas, which offers delivery from most of the international restaurants, with free delivery from 1-6pm.


Both the Chinese and foreign expats love Tappanyaki, which is hugely popular in the city. The Japanese restaurants are located throughout Beijing, and most offer all you can eat and drink on Friday and Saturday nights. Expect to full up on sushi and beer, before heading out for a few more drinks.

Beijing also has plenty of healthy options on offer, including Waga’s and Element Fresh, both located next to each other in Sanlitun. Both of these restaurants have a huge variety of fresh, healthy food, along with excellent desserts.

Annie’s is the place to go for Italian food, and also has free delivery throughout the day and late into the night. The food is reasonably priced, although if you want more bang for your buck, skip the salad and go straight for the pasta or pizza.

For Indian food, Ganges is by far the best place in town. This chain has locations in both Wudaokou and Sanlitun, but it feels like a high-class restaurant if you take the time to dine in. Be sure to try the vegetable samosas, and ask for a doggy bag for breakfast the next day.

If you’d like to eat excellent food while exploring the best that China has to offer, be sure to try one of the Yangtze River cruise tours, which are one of the best ways to see the region.


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