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If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a mobility scooter, you’re probably aware that there are many reasons why you might want to do so. There are a range of health benefits, along with the chance to live a better life, socialising and going out to do things with your kids and grandkids, shopping, and meeting friends.

As we get older, there are many reasons why we may find it hard to get around. Many older people have had surgeries, have health problems, or become exhausted quickly when walking. While some people see mobility scooters as a sure sign that they’re “too old”, you’ll find that it will give you make a lot of independence and improve your quality of life.

For those people who find themselves quickly getting tired, you’ll find that using a mobility scooter will give you more energy for your day to day life. Since you won’t be using all of your energy pushing a wheelchair or trying to walk, you’ll quickly notice a difference in how much energy you have left to play with your grandkids and get key tasks completed each day.


If you haven’t yet tried a mobility scooter, you’ll find that there are many shopping centres and supermarkets which have these scooters available for free, so you can always give them a go. You’ll be surprised at how easy they are to use and how much your shopping experience will improve.

For those living in the UK, it’s now easier than ever to reap the rewards of a mobility scooter. The Motability scheme allows people will limited mobility to access the equipment they need to live a better life, and with more than 3 million people taking advantage of this scheme, it simply makes sense to use it. Monarch Mobility has a huge fleet (one of the largest in the UK), and you can choose from a variety of mobility scooters and powerchairs.

If you have a disability or limited mobility and you qualify for this scheme, you’ll receive a government-funded allowance which will allow you to lease a new electric mobility scooter or powered wheelchair every three years. It makes sense to get a Motability scooter if you qualify, as this company has the greatest range available, along with excellent customer service.

For people receiving the Higher Rate Mobility Allowance of the War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement, you can use the allowance to get a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair with just a £100 deposit and £15 per week.

The Motability Scheme will allow you to use your mobility scooter or a powered wheelchair on a three-year contract basis, and the hassle-free terms are excellent. The contract allows you to have three years of excellent, comprehensive insurance, without any call out charges, and full parts warranty and labour, along with free puncture repair, annual servicing, free replacement of batteries and tyres, and even a breakdown recovery service available 24/7.

If this sounds good to you, see if you qualify for the Motability Scheme today.

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