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How Decorating Your Home Can Improve Your Quality of Life

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Our homes are often reflections of our personalities. As we get older, though, tasks that were once a part of our everyday routines can become more difficult. This is why it’s so important that you make sure the design of your home changes along with you. In fact, how you choose to decorate your home can have drastic effects on your quality of life.


Your Choices Can Minimise Accidents

Unfortunately, many older and senior citizens aren’t as nimble as they were in their younger years. There comes a point where falling over changes to “had a fall,” and what were once forgettable accidents become serious talking points amongst your loved ones.

When considering the layout of a room, the placement of the furniture is crucial. Walkways should be kept clear of potential obstructions as well as made as wide as possible. This is especially true for wheelchair users or individuals who may be in need of assistance in the form of a walking stick.

One of the first things you can do to minimise accidents in the home is to remove any rugs you have. The corners of loose fitting scatter or areas rugs are prime candidates for causing an unexpected tumble, especially when placed over laminated wooden floors that can already be slippery. Wall-to-wall carpeting is the safest course of action in these circumstances and brings with it the benefit of extra comfort as well as safety.


Encouraging You to Stay Active

One of the biggest negatives about becoming older is that it’s easy to fall in the trap of becoming less active. Leading studies show that spending more time in the garden can have long lasting effects on both your mental and physical health. Incorporating sliding doors into your home, available from suppliers like Barrier Components, is a great way to create a simple transition from the indoors to the outdoors of your home.

Similarly, when it comes to choosing furniture, you need to make sure it provides the appropriate support. A wide range of mobility issues can arise as we get older and one of the most common problems is choosing furniture that is too soft. Remember, a softer feel doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better for you. Finding the right balance between comfort and support is the key here. Choosing sofas and chairs that aren’t too low will make sitting down and getting up regularly easier.

Have you made any changes to your home recently that have affected your quality of life? Let us know in the comments below.

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