Reasons to Relocate Overseas After Retirement

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After decades of hard work, retirement is the perfect time to focus on yourself. Retirees often choose to travel to far flung and exotic locations and stay in all inclusive resorts, or see the world via a luxury cruise. Many enjoy their time in the sun and fall in love with the idea of emigrating. If you are one of these people contemplating relocation, the brilliant news is that the recovery signs in the overseas property market means it is a great time to invest in property abroad.


Live Longer

This may sound like an outlandish claim, but there is research to back it up. David Eagelman, a professor, has spent years investigating how the brain perceives time. He claims that in a familiar place, time feels like it is moving faster because your brain processes less information about the environment. Whereas if you live in an unfamiliar setting, your perception of time will be longer. It seems that relocating is the secret to a longer life.

Invigorating Sunshine

People living in countries with colder and wetter climates, such as the UK, know the havoc this can cause with medical conditions – arthritis for example is exacerbated by cool temperatures. Relocating to a country with warmer weather means you can spend more time outdoors, keeping active and enjoying the sunshine. Plus, there are no more worries about high gas bills in the winter!


More Money

Speaking of high energy bills, those living in the UK have faced a 24% rise in fuel costs over the last 5 years, compared to an increase in household income of less than 3%. Sadly, there have been many stories in the news over the last few years about retirees struggling to afford to adequately heat their homes. However, fuel prices in Europe are substantially lower. So the money you would normally spend indoors can go towards leisurely pursuits.

Bring Them Along

Despite the advantages of emigrating, many people struggle with the reality of relocation. One of the most common is battling with leaving loved ones behind – particularly grandchildren. However, modern technology has given birth to online services such as Skype, which allow you to video call people anywhere across the globe. Plus with cheaper and cheaper flights, it is easy to frequently see relatives.

Another concern is the worry of leaving a lifetime of memories behind. But there is no need, as with a freight service you can take your belongings and furniture abroad with you.

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