Why you should buy a used mobility vehicle

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If you have a disability or limited mobility, a mobility vehicle or wheelchair can provide a simple, cheap way to get out and about, and can give you far more freedom than you’ve been experiencing if you’ve spent a lot of time confined at home.

Mobility scooters look a bit like golf buggies, but they function a little more like a cross between a motor scooter and a motorized wheelchair. They do travel much slower than road scooters however, as they can be taken into malls and supermarkets.

All mobility vehicles will have a steering tiller, which directs the wheels, a large padded, and upright seat, and simple controls that allow you to easily operate the vehicle. These scooters are powered by batteries, and many of them will dismantle into a number of parts so you can store them in the back of your car while you’re traveling.


Wheelchairs are a little different, and need to be manually pushed (they also come in electric models), but because they typically go a lot slower than mobility scooters, many people can find themselves needing to transport their wheelchair between destinations.

An adapted vehicle can give you the chance to take back your life, so you can socialize, hang out with your grandchildren and children, go shopping, meet up with your friends, and generally be a part of society. And for those who already use a wheelchair but find themselves rarely going too far from home, keep in mind that there are plenty of affordable cars and vans that have been adapted so you can drive to where you need to go and then easily access your wheelchair and quickly be on the move.

Now that it’s officially the new year, make 2017 the year you get out and about, even if you use a wheelchair and need an adapted car.


As we age, there are a few different reasons why we can find it hard to be mobile- some people have had multiple surgeries, are severely overweight, have pain or health problems, or get exhausted from walking even a few steps.

The average age of mobility vehicle and wheelchair users is gradually becoming younger, as people recognize that they don’t need to be nearing the end of their lives before they begin using them. You’ll benefit from greater quality of life and more independence, and if you’re worried about the sometimes high costs associated with mobility vehicles, be sure to check out the used mobility vehicles from Mobility Nationwide, which can give you your independence back without costing an arm and a leg.

If you’re aiming to get out and enjoy life this year, you’ll find that there are also plenty of vehicles for sale which can fit your wheelchair, and these also have a high resale value if you do want to sell it in the future.



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