Family Life-Sustaining Foods: Why it Matters

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With all the recent crisis that is happening around the globe, have you ever plan for the future in case the same thing happens again? Are you prepared enough for another natural and man-made disaster? 

In case of emergencies and natural disasters, our family’s safety is our top priority. We should be prepared in case another emergency happens. Emergency supplies such as survival tools, first aid kits, foods, and other survival supplies should be prepared beforehand.

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When we are able to secure our family member’s safety, the next thing to think of is the food to eat. What if groceries and supermarket stores were all closed because of the recent disaster? Can you imagine seeing your little ones crying because of hunger? You don’t want that to happen, right? 

That is why long-term food storage planning is essential nowadays because it will serve as your life-sustaining food supplies in case of emergencies. As early as now, preparing your long-term food storage should be on your priority list. 

Foods With Exceptionally Long Shelf Life

There are a variety of foods that you can consider placing in your storage cabinet. Foods with exceptionally long shelf life were foods that can last as long as 30 years if properly prepared, processed, and stored correctly. 

Dried corns, white rice, powdered milk, whole-wheat grains, sugar, instant coffee, powdered tea, and cocoa should be included in your list. These foods were proven to last for decades if stored properly and have nutritional content that is essential to health. 

Salt is a must in your food storage because as we all know, salt is used in the processing and preserving of foods. Salt will be a big help in your household during an emergency.  Another nutritious food that you should consider putting in your long-term food storage is honey. Honey is proven to last long even for thousand of years, of course, if properly processed and stored. 

Processed foods can also have an average of 20 to 30 years of storage life if it was stored correctly.  Potato flakes, dried beans, dehydrated fruit, and vegetable slices, pasta products, among others can last up to three decades.

Important Things To Remember

Your long-term food storage is consisting of dry goods that you can store in your food pantries. It can last for 10 years or more if properly packed and stored. This will serve as your emergency foods and survival supplies in case of unexpected and inevitable situations that might happen in no time.

Remember to make sure that you sealed them properly and keep them away from any moisture so that your stock foods will last longer. This will also help in maintaining the nutritional contents and natural taste of the foods. 

Make sure that every stock that you put in your storage was properly dated. The first in-first out policy should be strictly implemented. 

Preparedness is your key to survive in times of natural calamities and disasters. As early as now, it is your responsibility to have your long-term food storage available at your home, in case you will be needing them.

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