Do More For Your Heart: How to Be Heart-Healthy As You Age

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Have you ever noticed that you now feel more tired after activities you used to do with ease? Perhaps walking the dog in the evenings after dinner is seeming like a challenge, or doing multiple loads of laundry at once is proving to be quite tiring. If you are writing off any changes that have occurred in your body, energy levels, or emotions as you age, you should first and foremost be aware of the importance of heart health and notice the signs of an at-risk heart.

For both men and women, aging brings with it an increased chance for heart disease. Though heart disease is considered by many to be a disease that mainly affects men, studies in heart health have shown that it is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. In your 50s, it becomes increasingly important to be aware of your heart health and do your part in maintaining a balanced lifestyle in order to promote its well-being and functions. Luckily, there are easy tips you can add to your daily routine to ensure that your heart feels young and happy.


Give Your Heart a Break with These Foods

At the root of an unhealthy heart is high blood pressure and high blood sugar – two issues that many over-50s face that can be easily repaired by eating the right foods. According to the Cleveland Clinic, one in 10 U.S. adult deaths is a result of eating too much salt, which raises blood pressure. Cutting back on salt and adding more leafy greens to your diet will help ease the strain on your heart. You can also add a heart-healthy supplement to your diet that is made to complement the workings of your cardiovascular system.

Other foods that are good for heart health include:

  • Mushrooms
  • Cherries
  • Eggs
  • Berries
  • Avocados
  • Beans

A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way

Besides eating foods with your heart in mind, you should also add exercising to your weekly routine. If you aren’t used to exercising often, pick an activity that you enjoy and start slowly. For heart health, walking half an hour a day cuts the risk of heart disease in adults by 18 percent. While it may not seem like a particularly strenuous activity that burns many calories, walking is extremely effective and contributes to overall health. Other exercises for heart health include yoga, light weight training, and running – if you are able. The reality is that any exercise is good exercise for the over-50s.

With the right balance of eating healthy foods and exercising regularly, you can keep your heart feeling youthful and keep those doctors away.


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