The Effects Of Running On The Body

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When we are trying to lose weight, maybe even when we are bored, we usually see running as a great activity to solve the problem. Although running has shown to have a positive effect on those who engage in it, some people also experience adverse effects.

Running has immediate positive, as well as long-term, effects on your health and well-being. Health experts, including Analyze That, have stated that running benefits are equal to everybody, despite your age, gender or physical condition. If you are considering taking up running to shed fat or improve your stamina and health, be sure to check with your health practitioner for an exercise regime that will suit you best.

What running does to our body

Most of our body parts are impacted during running. The exercise burns calories, strengthens arms and legs and increases your heart rate. When you are unable to talk during running, this is a good indication that you need to decrease your pace. The more regular your running regime, the larger capacity your lungs will absorb.

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The benefits of running

  • If you are seeking to immediately improve your mental clarity, energy and sleep, running is a great option. The activity is able to stimulate brain chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin, which help with jubilance and relaxation. The chemicals are able to increase your energy and deliver oxygen to tissues, resulting in an improvement in sustainability.
  • If you are looking at the benefits of running in the long haul, you will be glad to discover that the exercise is able to prevent diseases such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease. While you are running, the body burns a tremendous amount of calories, leading to weight loss. The benefits of weight loss are reducing the levels of blood pressure and blood cholesterol. If you are eating a healthy diet and incorporating regular running, your chances of living longer are significantly increased.
  • Running also has a positive effect on your bedroom performance. Scientists studied runners and discovered that the individuals who were able to complete a race faster than the competition, had stronger sex drives and their sperm count was higher.
  • Research has shown that runners have benefited from participating in the exercise by improving their memory and learning capabilities. If you have estrogen-related receptor gamma, which is a protein that releases energy to the brain and the muscles, your memory will improve.
  • When you are running, you release all the tension on your shoulders and free your mind from mental torment. Therefore, running is directly related to your happiness. Health professionals have proven that physical activities are able to remove kynurenine from the blood. Kynurenine builds up in the blood and causes stress.
  • Runners are able to hear better than those who are not involved in the activity. Research has shown that blood flow is increased to the ears during the exercise. When a large group of runners was tested, it was discovered that individuals who engaged in cardiorespiratory fitness were blessed with better hearing functions at low and high frequencies.

The risks involved when running

As with the engagement in any activity, you may be able to sustain an injury, but your chances are significantly increased during running. There have been numerous reports of runners getting injured during the exercise. The reports state that runners with a high age were more prone to injury than their younger counterparts. Health professionals reported that body parts most likely to be injured are knees, the lower leg, the foot and the upper leg.

The American Journal of Kidney Diseases has published that their researchers had gathered urine and blood samples from random marathon runners and reported that 82% of the runners had stage 1 acute kidney injury post-race. Researchers have stated that running for long distances, such as marathons, does have a strenuous effect on the body. The researchers also advised people who are suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure, as well as senior citizens, to consult their doctor before running long distances.

Runners certainly do benefit from engaging in the exercise, although, one must remember to not inflict too much strain on the body while running. Adverse effects on the body usually occur when runners participate in long-distance running.










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