3 Ways to Boost Your Health in 2019

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Your health is your biggest asset, and as you get older it becomes more and more important to invest in it. No matter your age, here are three simple ways you can boost your health in 2019 and ensure you have more energy.

1. Quit Bad Habits
We all have habits that we know aren’t in the best interests for our health, but the main ones that are really dangerous include abusing alcohol and smoking. Despite the many known health risks, many people still choose to indulge both of these habits. If you’re tired of being addicted to smoking, then you might want to start thinking about how to quit smoking. One of my biggest tips for quitting smoking is to focus on what your triggers are – are they being out with friends drinking, or is heading outside “to chat” when you’re in a bar. Once you’ve figured out what your triggers are, you can actively choose to avoid these triggers while you’re trying to quit smoking. Drinking is another bad habit that can wreck havoc on your health. There’s nothing wrong with an occasional drunk for a celebration, a friend’s birthday or something special, but if you find that you’re drinking almost every night of the week, or when you’re drinking you’re going overboard, it might be time to cut back.

2. Cut the Junk
Our modern diets have really strayed far from the natural foods we used to eat. Not only are our foods often coated in chemicals, and grown in soils that are not as nutritious, but we are eating even less real food. Cutting the junk will mean different things to different people and will essentially come down to how your diet is. There are small changes you can make to gradually improve your diet, such as reducing the amount of processed food you eat on a daily basis. If you’re not sure how to figure out what kind of foods to cut down on, here are some suggestions: anything that comes wrapped in plastic, anything that contains added sugar, and anything that’s made in a factory. You want to focus on healthy, whole and natural foods – more fruit, more vegetables, and more lean meat if you eat meat. You don’t have to cut the junk out 100%, but by reducing it you will see positive changes in your diet, health and energy levels.

3. Get Moving
Most of us spend too much of our lives on our butts – we drive to work, we sit at work, and once we’re home from work we plop down on the couch to watch Netflix. Our jobs are not as active as they used to be, and so getting moving is something that we need to focus on and implement in our daily lives. I suggest making small changes to your daily routine – instead of taking the lift, why not take the stairs? You can choose to park a little bit further away, so you have to walk a little further to your car. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to get a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise at least three times a week. I find it best to organise something with friends so I have that social accountability to keep me in line.

Your health is your biggest asset and with these three simple tips you can ensure your health is as good as possible!

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