Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable

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Many of us think of getting new homes when we get older, a home that will suit our aging lifestyles a little more. The truth is for many of us the family home has too many precious memories to feel comfortable with the idea of selling it.  If you are worried that your home may not be able to grow and change as your needs do, then you have to read this post about simple ways to make your home more comfortable. You may be surprised how much small changes can transform your home into your new dream residence, no matter your age or current needs.

1) Add in a Stairlift
You may find that as you age, stairs become a little more uncomfortable and each step can make a jolt of pain radiate through your body. It’s not fun and can dramatically impact how you feel about your home, as no one wants to live somewhere that makes them uncomfortable on a daily basis. You can easily get a stairlift fitted that will help you effortlessly up and down stairs, allowing you to make the most of your home while keeping yourself comfortable.

2) Update Your Bathroom
You may have a home with a traditional old bathtub that can be a right pain to get in and out of. Why not consider adding a box shower? They are really easy to get in and out of, super easy to clean and maintain and you can even opt to install a seat as well as railing inside to help with your comfort and mobility. You don’t need to buy a brand new home to have your dream bathroom; why not consider adding it to your home.

3) Get New Furniture
As you get older you’ll begin to notice what chairs and couches provide you with adequate back support and are easy to get in and old of. As couches age, they tend to lose their form and don’t provide as much support. If you have a lounge suite or set of chairs that are headed in this direction, why not treat yourself to something new that provides better support. If a new suite is not in your budget, consider shopping around for a good quality second-hand suite. If you’re struggling with back pain you may want to consider how old your bed mattress is on your bed because if it’s over 8 years old, you should consider investing in a new one.

4) Freshen up the Paint
Changing the paint inside or outside the home can dramatically change the appearance and how ‘new’ it feels. While this is a mostly cosmetic adjustment, it can really change the mood of the entire home. If you are craving a change but don’t want to spend too much money on painting the entire home, why not consider adding in a feature wall to add a little drama? Be sure to do a test spot of the colour you love before you commit to painting the entire wall, often the amount of natural lighting in a room can dramatically change how the colour appears.

Use these four simple tips to quickly make your home feel more comfortable.

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