5 Hobbies to take up after 50

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Hitting the big half century can be a tough part in people’s lives, but it shouldn’t be considered a bad thing, after all it means you have made it this far ok. But with great age comes great responsibility and being in the middle of raising a family or coming to the end of a career can leave you wanting more from life. Some may travel and others find hobbies to take up to distract them from the realities of reaching 50. It can be hard to choose hobbies or activities to do so sometimes some inspiration is needed and these 5 hobbies should definitely be considered for those coming up to 50.



Fishing can be a great escape for those looking for a tranquil hobby that doesn’t require that much physical power. It relaxing and very rewarding at the same time. Many may consider it boring waiting by the side of a lake waiting for a nibble but the suspense and eventual catch makes it all worthwhile, just don’t forget to take your trophy picture to show everyone what you’re capable of.


Adult colouring books are becoming very popular stress busters especially within offices. Using your hands and the creative part of your brain can relax both body and mind and may you may even produce some masterpieces along the way. The advantage of this hobby is you can do it anywhere all you need is a printed template and some coloured crayons.



Once the children have left the next you may feel like there is a huge hole missing in your life, with no more school runs to do in the early morning and no more huge family meals to prepare you may find yourself with a lot of time on your hands. Gardening can be a great way to pass the time, the rewards aren’t usually instant but the hard work and preparation really pays off and can leave your pesky neighbours extremely jealous should they peep over the fence.

Mobile Gaming

With the rise of mobile devices such a tablets and smartphones a gap in the market has been filled by online gaming companies. These are a great way to pass time whether you are crushing candy on the latest puzzle game or trying your hand at online casino at sites like MobileCasino.co.nz these apps and games can be a real fun way to pass the time and may even earn you a bit of pocket money.

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Photography can be a real opener for some and can be done by almost anyone with a camera. If you don’t intend on becoming the next best thing in photography you won’t need to spend hundreds on a high end camera so it can also be done without spending massive amounts of money. Chasing the perfect picture can also lead you to some exciting places whether you’re looking for the perfect sunset or some of nature’s wonderful moments.

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