Top Destinations for a Cruise Ship Holiday

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Today’s world has made it easier for us to discover new and exciting places. Low-cost companies are flying cheaper than ever and there are more possibilities to save money on travelling than there have ever been. This stands completely true in the case of cruise ship holidays as well. Not until very long ago, a cruise ship used to be considered to be quite expensive (and it was very commonly associated with well-off people and luxury).

These days though, even cruise ships have become much more affordable – and they still maintain their “opulent” charm as well. Which are the top destination for a cruise ship holiday though? Read on and find out more.


Danube River Christmas Market

If you want to discover Central Europe at its finest, visit it around Christmas. Germany especially is sprinkled with all sorts of Christmas markets meant to put you in that “holiday spirit” everyone loves. A cruise ship on Danube will “walk” you through some of the most important German, Austrian and Hungarian cities and it will definitely provide you with some sights that are difficult to remember. Imagine the gorgeousness of the Old World combined with Christmas lights, cinnamon and apple flavor and lots of “miraculous” souvenirs that invite you to take them home with you!

Sunny Mexico

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter – Mexico will always be lovely. Surrounded by marvelous sights and maintained by beautiful, life-loving people, Mexico is one of the most popular travel destinations – especially for those living in North America. That’s understandable, actually. Even if you have visited Mexico before, doing it “on water” will be a completely new and exciting experience. The beautiful sunsets on your cruise ships, the mouth-watering foods and the “party spirit” characteristic of Latinos will enchant you for sure.


South American Cruise for New Year’s Eve

Celebrate this NYE in a truly special way and book your spot on a cruise ship to South America. The marvels of the Latino countries just South of the US will surely embrace you in an instant. Allow yourself to flow gracefully, sip some holiday-themed cocktails and greet the New Year under the starry night sky of South America. Now, this is an experience most of you would definitely want to repeat!

Southeast Asia Cruise

If you want a special kind of holiday (and from all points of view this time), travel East to Southeast Asia, China, Japan and the other fascinating countries on this continent. Asia will be absolutely amazing regardless of what you normally like visiting. With cultures to enrich your soul and your knowledge and with foods meant to be savored right “on top” of the sea, Asia is a marvelous travel destination that “works” perfectly with the idea of a cruise.

Whatever you pick, have fun! Life is much too short to not see the world and have fun – and a cruise is the perfect way to celebrate a true travelling aficionado’s life philosophy!

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