Best Value Holiday Destinations of 2015

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With December almost halfway through, many people are already thinking of their 2015 holidays. That’s perfectly normal, especially if you want to book early (and maybe even save some money on your travel expenses).

Which are the best value holiday destinations for the next year? Read on and find out more because we have gathered a list of the top most important (and attractive) ones.



Imagine the kind of “paradise” you see in the movies. Imagine yourself being surrounded by the most surreal kind of beauty that has ever graced the Earth. Combine this with a stunning and exciting culture, with many ways to entertain yourself, with excellent services and affordable prices and you have the perfect holiday destination right there, in your hands. And its name is Bali. Unique and incomparable to anything else out there, Bali is a true jewel of the world and it’s definitely worth visiting.


Moving on to another great Asian culture, Shanghai is the kind of holiday destination for those who want to escape in a different kind of city. Shanghai is not your typical city break though – and the culture on which it is built lies at the very foundation of why so many people flock to it every single year. Best thing about it? You’ll get a city holiday that fits all kinds of budget so even if you don’t have unlimited sums of money at your disposal (who does, anyway?), you will be able to have a great time here.



Exotic and fascinating, Middle East is one of the most scenic places to visit. Tunisia is a very common and very much appreciated holiday destination for people from all over the world – and not without reason. The blend between a clearly touristic place and one that is anchored in its traditions is absolutely magic. Even more than that, with most of the travel warnings being dropped for the year to come, a lot of travel agencies will fight to bring your attention back to North Africa with offers that are, honestly, quite difficult to refuse.

Eastern Europe

If you want to get a taste of that “glamor” only Europe can be surrounded in, but if you want to avoid overspending in Paris or Milan, head towards the East. Hungary, Romania, Poland and many other countries in the “neighborhood” offer their visitors splendid views, excellent foods and a very European culture and thinking. Most of them are somewhere in between the East and the West, which is actually fascinating. For instance, expect to taste delicious Turkish foods in Romania and amazing Russian foods in Hungary – and none of the locals will actually be amazed of this.

Obviously, there are many other value holiday destinations – but for the year to come, these ones are announced to be among the most important ones. Hurry up and book your trip to one of these spots because soon enough you’ll get them at “extra-costs”!

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