Keeping your fitness and health up in your later years

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With improvements in healthcare technology, people are living longer. However, it is not enough just to be alive for a longer period of time; people want to make the most of these golden years, and this is a key factor in why many people are looking to maintain their fitness and health in their later years.

There is support and assistance available to prolong your life, but opting for a healthy and active lifestyle can maintain the quality of life over a longer period of time. This can also provide you with the energy and outlook to enjoy yourself more. Having a healthier lifestyle is part and parcel of staying alive and seeing more from life, but the real benefit comes with the opportunities that remaining active in your later years provides you with, which include:


  • Seeing family members grow up.
  • Feeling good about yourself.
  • Getting out and about.
  • Socializing and meeting new friends.
  • Minimizing the impact of illness or injury.

These are all key reasons why you should want to remain fit and active in later years. The joy and pleasure that people have from having grandchildren or young relatives around provides a great incentive to stay active. However, there is also the fact that spending time with youngsters, whether this is through playing with them or cleaning up after them, provides people with exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Many of the reasons people have to stay fit and active feed back into leading a healthier lifestyle. If you exercise to feel good about yourself, the endorphins and satisfaction that you feel at the end of a session will spur you on to do more. If people exercise outside and socialize with others, these friendships and relationships provide an added incentive to stay fit and healthy.

There is also the fact that people want to stay fit so that they can minimize their exposure to injury or illness. There is no 100% guaranteed way to avoid these problems, but being fit, healthy, and active can offset many of the problems that affect people in their later years.

People need to be realistic about their activities in their later years

It is important that older people are realistic as to what they can achieve with their health. While mentally a person may feel as fit and as active as they did in their 20s or 30s, their body just isn’t equipped to deal with that level of stress or pressure these days. This means that these people need to tailor their lifestyle choices in order to maximize the return that they receive from healthy activity.

The two main strands of a healthy lifestyle are:

  • Being active.
  • Nutrition

Leading an active lifestyle can be difficult and challenging, but these are two main aspects to consider, and taking simple steps such as switching to non-fatty foods and reducing or removing alcohol from a diet can make a big difference. There is also a great deal to be said for taking long walks (at a pace that suits) or doing short and simple exercises.

Find the activity that suits you best

There are many exercises that can be done from the comfort of a chair or a living room, perhaps while watching TV, so you can stay active while relaxing or staying in touch with your favorite TV shows.

An area of medicine and healthcare that is of interest to many people in their later years is integrative medicine. While this style of medicine aims to deal with illness and disease, it also takes a wider approach to a person’s wellbeing. This means that there is a focus on physical health, mental wellbeing, and social engagement, while realizing that a person’s spiritual outlook and environment will also impact on their health. Integrative medicine is a partnership between the health practitioner and the patient, and appeals to many people in their later years. This is because you understand your own body, know what you want to believe or see in life, and you may have more time to devote to an all-around healthcare approach. Further examples of the good work being undertaken in this field can be seen when reviewing the work of specialists such as Dr. Richard Firshein. Taking a personalized approach to healthcare provides the patient with a greater level of confidence that their needs and requirements are being met.

No matter what personal circumstances you have or what you want to achieve in your later years, you will find that leading a healthy and active lifestyle provides you with a better platform for making the most out of life.


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