Eco Tips For the Over 50s

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As you get older and have grandchildren, you realise how important protecting the environment is. After all, it is their future (and their children’s future) that you’re trying to safeguard. It is no secret that we’re rapidly running out of natural resources, particularly because our ever growing population (now over 7 billion people) is starting to drain them faster than ever.

So, with this in mind, what changes can you make around the house that can help the environment without having to spend thousands of pounds on solar panels or completely revolutionise your lifestyle? In this blog post, we look at just a couple of ideas.


Replace Harmful Chemicals

Most cleaning products these days contain a number of harmful and potential dangerous chemicals and, due to the quantities they’re being sold in, they’re also causing huge amounts of damage to the environment.

If you use a large number of cleaning products, then it is suggested that you change to natural equivalents. You may already have many of these in your cupboards such as white wine vinegar. This helpful Safestore blog post gives you great ideas on natural products and their usage.


Recycle Regularly

Recently published government statistics show that we are now throwing away more materials and waste than ever before. However, sadly, much of this can be recycled, with these missed opportunities greatly contributing to the environmental damage.

Recycling is simple, too and there really is no excuse for not doing it. By simply segregating your waste into different bins, you could potentially save tonnes of waste per year, improving the environment and lowering waste disposal costs.

Plus, the great thing about recycling is that it is an environmentally friendly activity that all of the family can get involved in. So, not only can you have save the environment with very limited physical excursion, but you can also educate your grandchildren about how to recycle and why you should do it. After all, teaching them at an early age is a great way to start.

So, there you have it. Two very simple ways that you can be eco efficient even in your fifties and beyond, There’s no reason why you should have to drastically change your lifestyle in order to accommodate this change, either. So, take it slowly and remember to educate future generations as you go. After all, you’re improving the world for them and their children.



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