Exploring the Classic Car Models of the World

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The automobile industry has evolved quickly in the recent times. Presently, we come across a wide number of innovations in the auto industry. The introduction of driverless cars, state of the art features such as surround sound and heated seats, self-parking cars and more have escalated the standards of the automobile technology. Nonetheless, several people would still be in love with vintage cars. The older cars were designed differently. They had flowing lines and curvy body, which is unlike to the car designs of today. In addition, the drive is also relatively unique to the present day cars. The older versions would require manual work for reaching a specific destination. Acorn Stairlifts explores the classic cars from around the world.


Mini – Britain

The Morris Mini Minor, presently known as Mini has been popular in Britain. The car has been known to be the bestseller car in British history. It had everything that a person could ask for, starting with ample of legroom and good luggage space.

Fiat 500 – Italy

Commonly known as the Topolino, the Fiat 500 has been a popular car with the Italians. The lowered aerodynamic profile of the car made it a stand out amongst the competitors. The car is light in weight as compared to other available models in the similar segment.

Volkswagen Beetle – Germany

The Beetle took time to become popular with the people. However, the iconic model has made it a desirable car in the present times. Amongst the several features, the Beetle accommodated four passengers easily providing plenty of legroom and luggage space in the boot and beneath the seat.

Ford Mustang – America

The car was highly popular with the younger generation in America. The short rear deck and sporty design of the car made it hot favourite with the people.

The price of the classic cars would depend on the age, condition and mileage of the vehicle.

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