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Make your home more adaptable for when you are retiring

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It is known that the average cost of an older person’s stay in a residential care home to be a staggering £82,000. It was found that the average length of stay for a person moving to residential care was two-and-a-half years, at a cost of approximately £32,000 for the first year and increasing in subsequent years. Pretty much if you ask me!

It is normal for the elderly to worry about the cost of moving into residential care as they begin to struggle at home. It can be especially troubling for those who don’t have support from their loved ones or live alone. Aside from the cost most people simply don’t want to leave the comfort and familiarity of their own home. It’s hard to move out from your home if you lived there all your life.


A less unsettling option is receiving care at home, but one of the biggest obstacles to staying at home can be the stairs. A wide range of age-related medical conditions can make using the stairs difficult and even dangerous, from musculoskeletal problems such as arthritis to other conditions which could leave you breathless or suffering dizzy spells. The stars can be a challenge as you simply growing less active and more frail through the natural ageing process.

Thankfully, this is one challenge which is easily overcome in virtually every case, by the installation of a Stairlift. It effectively turns a two-storey home into a bungalow, by completely removing the obstacle of stairs at a single stroke. An Acorn Stairlift enables you to glide smoothly up and down stairs in safety and comfort as often as you like, all at the push of a button instead of struggling with the stairs and risking a potentially catastrophic fall

Installing an Acorn Stairlift eliminates the  scenario of converting a dining room to a bedroom and living entirely on one level of their home, enabling you to continue using all of your home in safety and without the daily strife of the staircase. Investing in a stairlift is an investment in your continued independence and ability to use and enjoy your whole home. It is also a far more cost-effective option than moving house or having modifications carried out which will still only allow you to use part of your home. So you can make your home more adaptable for when retiring and enjoying your own home instead of a residential care home.

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