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With myriad destinations to choose from, picking somewhere to go on holiday can be a tough – and exciting – decision. But few places rival Asia when it comes to the weather, cuisine and scenery.

What’s more, cheap holidays to countries like India, Thailand and the Maldives are available in abundance if you book at the right time. With this in mind, here’s a closer look at these three options in more detail and how you can get the best deal possible.



Whether you choose to explore its bustling cities, trek across remarkable terrain or simply relax on a beautiful beach, India opens up a wealth of possibilities.

Hindu festivals and holy temples will be of great interest to travellers wanting to get in touch with their spiritual side. However, the ultimate peace and tranquillity can be found in stunning coastal resorts such as Goa and Chennai, the latter of which boasts the second longest beach in the world.


Perpetually popular among young backpackers and intrepid globetrotters, Thailand is a country bursting at the seams with spectacular natural landscapes and incredibly man-made wonders.

Culture vultures will want to make the most of its ruined cities and ancient monasteries while fun-loving travellers are bound to make a beeline for the party islands with non-stop nightlife. Even so, more secluded and quiet beach resorts can also be found and Thailand’s wonderfully hospitable people will forever be smiling.

The Maldives

If heaven were a place on Earth, the Maldives would be one of the strongest contenders. These low-lying coral islands are the ultimate getaway destination for countless holidaymakers due to the immaculate white sand and breathtaking turquoise lagoons.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are well-liked pastimes here while fishing trips and boat cruises provide ample enjoyment for those with itchy feet. However, the majority of tourists will struggle to drag themselves away from the beach.


Tips on getting a cheap deal:

Book in advance – Chances are the sooner you book your holiday, the cheaper it will be. As soon as more holidaymakers decide to visit, availability decreases and prices increase.

Travel during the off-season – Avoiding busy times of the year can result in substantial savings. The weather might not be as nice, but you could enjoy fewer crowds and better service.

Find a package deal – Booking your flight, hotel, and transfers as a complete package is not only convenient, but invariably cheaper too. All-inclusive holidays tend to be better value for money than self-catering as well.

Although settling on a holiday destination can be rather tricky, it is difficult to look past the overwhelming advantages countries like India, Thailand and the Maldives provide. On top of that, cheap deals are a distinct possibility too.

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