Affordable ways to earn some extra

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Tired of being broke and bored? So don’t you think it will be fun to do something that you love as well as earn money from it? Well, here are a list of cool things that you can do or take up in order to earn extra:-



Many people, around the globe like clicking pictures of various aspects like nature, objects and people. It’s a wonderful way to spend some time ‘Me’ time. Possibly you might have already invested in some professional camera but never got the chance to give it a try.

This time no excuses! Just find some time for yourself, explore, take photographs and sell the good ones to some photography sites.No expenses, it is all about enjoying and earning.

Bake a cake:

Who doesn’t like baking a cake? It’s fun and we get to enjoy some delicious bites. Just bake a cake or any other homemade good and sell it among your colleagues. I am sure there will be lot of birthdays now and then, so just plan accordingly and take orders. I am sure no one will say no to a homemade treat. This way you can make some extra money any and also make your friends happy.


Play Bingo:

Bingo the game of chance is a wonderful way to spend an evening as well as earn some extra cash. For instance at GameVillage you can play bingo online, right from the comforts of your home just by spending a fiver and still earn exciting cash rewards in return.

Play Music:

Are you a music lover who never got a chance to take music as a profession? If yes, than volunteer to be the DJ at a friends party who is not willing to hire a professional and pay a bomb. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Living your dream without spending a penny, in fact you will be paid for it.

Even though the above mentioned things won’t make you super rich, they will definitely take your mind off from a boring monotonous life along with making some extra money. So go guys, give it a try!

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