How Does Beacon Resources Go About Choosing the Right Candidate?

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As you consider partnering with us for finding top talent, you might be wondering, “How does Beacon Resources choose the best candidate?” As leading finance headhunters in Los Angeles, we’ve developed a tried and true methodology for finding the best match for our clients. Below we lay out an overview of our strategy for selecting the best person for your open position.

Crafting the Perfect Job Description

First, we help our clients tweak their job description to attract the most qualified and complementary candidates. When you send us your job description, we’ll assist you in identifying the skills, qualifications, and personality you’re looking for in a candidate. We find the best person not just by finding someone who meets a list of criteria, but by determining who has the perfect mix of qualifications and soft skills to add value to his or her workplace.


Personal In-Depth Interviews

While some recruiters might rely on simply a resume or phone interview, we believe that meeting candidates in person is important. That’s why our executive recruiters personally interview candidates before presenting them to clients. This interview process allows us to identify candidates who possess exceptional talents, intangible assets, and career goals. It also gives us a better sense of a candidate’s personality, attitude, and work ethic and how he or she will fit into a client’s corporate culture.

Rigorous Screening

Along with our personal interviews, we have strict screening procedures to ensure a candidate’s viability. Our detailed background checks make sure a candidate’s history is free from red flags. We also personally reach out to references for more evidence of a candidate’s achievements and outstanding qualities.

This is a snapshot of our approach to finding the best candidates for accounting jobs in Orange County. When you work with Beacon Resources, you get a dedicated partner that is committed to placing all-star candidates within your organization.


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