Is Organisation and Purpose the Secret to a Happy Retirement?

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To enjoy a happy retirement, the key isn’t how much free time you have to spend, but what you’ll do with the free time you have.

As you work towards a financially secure future, planning every step of the way is crucial. From your retirement savings to pensions and investment income, you want a purposeful plan to guide every financial decision you make.

When people fail to put a system in place, they run the risk of having no fall-back plan after retirement. In fact, some families have discovered that their loved one didn’t even have enough savings to cover the funeral planning services after they passed on.


How to Organise Your Activities for a Happy Retirement

Retirement isn’t always about money. It is good to have some financial security for your post-work years, but what will you do to continue a fulfilled life during that time? There are activities such as healthy living, vacations, hobbies and mentorship programmes that make retirement enjoyable.

  • Figure out what you want to do when you retire

Start deciding how you want to spend your retirement now. Many people start off by traveling for some months, but when they get back, it boils down to what they will be doing each day.

Are you going to retire to another country? If so, you should start looking up what you’ll need to settle in. Information such as standards and cost of living are important because you don’t want to go where your whole savings will be reduced by inflationary factors. If you are going to be managing a personal business, what are the facilities you’ll need?

Mentorship is also a good way to keep busy when you retire. Identify a group that could benefit from your expertise and develop a learning relationship.

Starting ahead of time to figure out what you’ll do and how to prepare is a step in the right direction.

  • Practice healthy living

As you grow older, your body breaks down with age. It is often in retirement that these problems become more obvious. One way to avoid this is to adopt a healthy lifestyle in your younger years. It will be unfortunate to have all your plans set up, only to spend most of it in and out of hospitals.

There are also health tips for seniors. Check your eating habits, exercise more often, and avoid worrying too much. Keep a healthy mind by meditating regularly. Don’t forget to get enough sleep too. Many people underestimate the healing qualities of good rest.

On top of everything, and though it may not be the most pleasant topic to bring up, some things are inevitable, so taking the time to ensure that you have a funeral plan in place will give you peace of mind for not passing a burden onto your children or relatives.

Your lifestyle habits are just as important as putting money aside for the future. So, while you organise your savings, ensure that you have a retirement purpose and work towards achieving them.



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