Wondering how you can save more money this year? Read this post

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Do you have a big savings goal? Maybe you’d really just like to be able to pay off your debt? Whatever your goal, you have two ways that you can do this: First, you can try to earn more money. This could mean convincing your boss to give you a raise, getting a new job, or starting a side hustle.

Second, you can cut back on your expenses. This doesn’t have to be a sad experience. In fact, most of us are paying way more than we need to for many things, and with a few calls or switching providers, we can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year.

So let’s talk about earning more. If you haven’t had a pay review in a few years, now’s the time to ask. Make a list of all the ways you’ve contributed to the company, met your goals, and gone the extra mile. Be sure to have this list in hand when you talk to your boss, and be prepared to state your case.


If you’re not likely to earn more in your current role, it may be worth looking for a new job. Of course, you’ll need to think about things like job security and work/life balance, but if you can find these things elsewhere, it may make sense to switch for more money.

Side hustles are all the rage these days, and there’s a good reason for that. If you need extra money, think about whether you can transfer the skills you use in your nine to five to a freelance capacity. This could mean that you take your copywriting skills and pick up a few freelance clients, or do the same with web design, development, or accounting.

If earning more isn’t possible right now (or even if it is, but you’d like to be able to get to your goals faster), consider places where you can save money in your day to day life. For example, many of us are paying way too much for our utilities. Broadband is an excellent example of this- there are so many options available, yet most people don’t take the time to see if they could get a better deal elsewhere.

Take the time to compare broadband providers and see just how much you could save by switching. For example, Sky offers both phone services and broadband, along with TV packages. You’ll often get a good deal for choosing a bundle.

BT is another good option, offering phone, TV, and broadband packages. This is a fast option too, with fibre optic services reaching up to 76Mbps. If you want the fastest option available, your choice will be Virgin Media, which provides up to 350Mbps- now that’s fast.

You may also want to think about easy changes you can make like carpooling or taking public transport to work, packing your lunches and making dinner instead of buying food outside of the house, and selling things you don’t use.

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