4 Tips for a Great Winter Wardrobe for Men

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Winter is coming and it will be here before we know it. I’m not too fond of the cooler weather, but I do enjoy layering up and how much nicer a warm cup of tea is during the colder months of the year. Many people get a bit apprehensive about winter and fashion; it’s harder to keep warm and look good while still sticking to a budget, so I’ve put some tips to help you get started.


1. A Warm, Functional Coat
During the coldest months of the year, a coat is an absolutely essential piece of clothing. It’s possible to find many great styles that flatter all body shapes and heights. When choosing men’s winter coats pay special attention to how the coat fits around your shoulders and arms. You’ll want a coat that fits well in these areas, as it will make the coat look better fitted and higher quality. If you have found a coat you love, but you’re not sure about the fit or shape, why not consider investing a little to have the coat tailored so it fits you properly? I personally prefer to buy a midrange coat and have it tailored, which makes it look a little fancier.

2. Scarves
If you’re like me and tend to only have one or two coats at once, you may feel that you often appear to be wearing the same things in photos when it’s cold and you’re living in your coat. The easiest way to combat this is buying a few different scarves; they’re much cheaper than buying different coats and you can choose to wear them different ways to change the way your outfit looks. Most women love a man in a good scarf, so use this to your advantage. They’re also extremely practical and can be wrapped around your neck or mouth to help keep you warm when it’s horribly freezing outside.

3. Good Quality Shoes
As the temperature drops there tends to be an excess of rain, ice and snow and if your feet are not properly protected you’ll freeze. If you already have a good pair of leather shoes, take the time before the colder weather sets in to properly protect them so they’ll be water proof and last the season. There’s nothing worse than freezing toes on the way to work.

4. Warm Layers
Winter is all about layering, it means that you can easily take the layers off when you’re inside and then put them back on before you face the cold of winter. I personally love to have a merino layer as it’s just so warm and light weight. I will tend to wear a tshirt or shirt, a merino sweater and then layer my jacket on top. Merino can be pretty pricey, so if it’s outside your budget be sure to look for good quality woollen sweaters that are breathable. Remember to look at the care instructions of your woollen products because there’s nothing worse than shrinking your new jumper in the drier!

With these four tips you’ll be warm and fashionable this winter.

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