The 10 best formats for a blog based on family history on a WordPress platform

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It can be a fun experience to start a family blog as a way to stay in touch with distant relatives, keep everyone updated on a new baby or inform family and loved ones about your wedding plans. With a family blog you have the option of creating a private address list for communications to keep all your family news, well, in the family. When creating a blog for your family’s social network you’ll want to choose a theme that fits the blog. WordPress web hosting has dozens of family-friendly themes to choose from. In the following list we’ll give you the details about the top ten WordPress themes for family blogs.


Adam & Eve

Although the theme Adam & Eve was created to be used by couples, it’s also an excellent choice for families. It works well across various devices and you’ll have the option of publishing posts by two authors at the same time. You’ll also have access to multiple sidebar positions. This theme is ideal for couples who want to write a wedding blog, but it also works well for expecting parents and families.


This premium WordPress theme is perfect for sharing family photos, recipes or parenting stories. It is not only mobile friendly, it’s also user friendly. The theme customizer makes this product easy to use, which means you’ll have no problem creating professional looking pages in only minutes. Eatery provides users with color variations, customized menus and customized page templates.


You and your family won’t be disappointed with this fantastic blog theme. With its minimal layout it provides a responsive design that works seamlessly across all devices. You can be certain your images and text will appear clearly in all browsers. With multiple page layouts, ten color skins and various customizations to choose from, you’ll enjoy this theme packed with features.


Origin offers a grid-based theme which lets you create your story with photographs and text. If you like to showcase family photos, this may be the best choice for you. The homepage can be filled with pictures and the theme is updated fairly often so you can rest assured it’s a secure choice. Origin works with multiple browsers and comes with unlimited colors and support.


Although this theme was created for businesses wanting to generate leads, it’s actually a great choice for family blogs. It’s simple to set up and the layout complements family blog content. The design is clean, sleek and packed with features. It’s got everything you need to create a fun family blog.



This free WordPress theme is ideal for personal blogs. Pachyderm supports default theme options and boasts a sidebar that can be disabled if you wish. Icons and illustrations make this a fun choice for young readers.


When it’s time for the holidays, you’ll want to set your family blog on Spirit. This theme comes packed with seasonal illustrations, textures and colors. This is a free choice from WordPress that supports custom headers, images and formats.


The WP-Candy theme offers a simple layout that is easy to use and lets you feature your family news and photos within a clean design. You’ll definitely want to consider this option for your family blog. If you like WP-Candy by Razzi, they have several other themes you may want to explore.


This WordPress theme was created to help you celebrate the momentous occasion of your wedding. The featured colors are soft and it provides plenty of image support so you can share all your gorgeous photos. From the moment of the proposal to the final dance at the wedding reception, you’ll be able to share all your joyous news with friends and loved ones.


For all those expecting parents who are ready to reveal their happy news to family and friends, this is the theme for you. It’s the perfect way to keep a baby journal that you can share with loved ones. You can customize the baby illustration in the header and choose from pink, blue, green or purple for your page color.

Now that you know all the best WordPress web hosting themes for a family blog, it’s time to explore and get creative. All you need to do is choose a theme and get started. You’ll enjoy the bonus bonding that comes with sharing through a family blog and loved ones will enjoy keeping up-to-date with the family’s latest news. These WordPress themes make creating a personal blog simple and fast. In no time you’ll have created a page worthy of all your most important, funny and inspirational family news and photos.

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